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Is It Good? Low #3 Review

Hope lives at the bottom of the ocean refusing to be crushed by the enormous pressures of a society sunk so low.

This third installment of Low ventures into the streams of political apathy, an unflinching spirit, complete and utter human despair, and the joys of discovery. Is it good?

Low #3 (Image Comics)


Rick Remender ventures into the profligate halls of the Capitol of Salus, where Stel encounters what has become of the Senate and the political class of the surviving humans. Artist Greg Tocchini conjures images straight out of the paintings of Pompeii. Senator Greeme is having a full-on orgy with dozens of women many of them most likely illusions conjured by the cream. The most telling part of the scenario is Stel’s thoughts of what she is witnessing: the gluttonous waste of food and the complete loss of what it means to live. The Senate has lost all hope; they believe their time has run short and Senator Greeme goes to the extreme in denying even the glimmer of hope a chance at success. Their only want is the pleasure of the flesh.

The lack of hope in Salus, if it was not made abundantly clear in the previous sequence, is made crystal clear in the transition to Marik. While the Senate chose the path of excess, Marik takes another one, that of despair. Remender provides an excellent transition from the massive lows he began the story with to a debate on why hope matters, why a vision for a better future is necessary.


Remender takes this vision and runs with it, even expressing the ability to completely negate or forget past crimes as long as the vision of hope and what you do about it take precedence. He offers strong counterpoints as well, referring to the massive amount of hope Stel has to mental illness. The beauty of the conversation is how Remender does not allow the conversation to become stale and boring; it has the genuine emotional charge of a son fighting with their mother.

Greg Tocchini’s artwork is masterful and truly shines when Stel and Marik swim higher and reach a school of fish. The fish are beautiful and numerous and vary in color with yellows and blues to purples and reds. The facial expressions on Marik and Stel mimic the reader’s smile as they experience the beauty of Tocchini’s seaway. Hope rises.

Is It Good?

The book is excellent. Remender provides a fantastic story from start to finish bringing both Stel and Marik from low personal points to joyful, happy moments all while they physically rise up through the depths of the ocean. Tocchini’s artwork is breathtaking from the elegant sea creatures to the scenes emulating the paintings of Pompeii.


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