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Is it Good? Roche Limit #1 Review

Roche Limit debuts this week, and as far as I know it’s the first comic ever to debut with my own last name in the title. If that isn’t an immediate sign that this is my comic, I don’t know what is. So, let’s take a look at this comic that was destined to find me and see, is it good?

Roche Limit #1 (Image Comics)

With such a strange cocktail of genres (crime, mystery and sci-fi) I was wondering what kind of story this comic might attempt to tell. Well, after reading the first issue I can say that I am totally on board with the story these creators are trying to tell even if I am a little confused about how the three main story threads will come together. Here’s what I mean: there’s the clearly identifiable main storyline concerning the detective and the missing sister. Then there’s the story introduced in the prologue about the Roche Limit proper and how it was created. That story was only just prepped and I’m still not totally sure what it’s going to be like. Then there’s the weird cliffhanger which looks like it will develop into another story independent of the main one. It’s all very promising but it looks like it’s going to take a few issues to really understand which direction this comic is headed in.

Surprisingly, this plot-driven comic has really strong characters. From the determined female lead to the slick male supporting character, every character seems well defined and interesting. In terms of baddies it looks like there are some pleasantly evil doctors and crime lords who will make for nice antagonists for our strong cast of protagonists. I can say that I am genuinely excited to check in with these characters again next week.

A big part of making this comic unique and original will be the setting and how well the creative team is able to use the place the story takes place in to tell the story. So far the Roche Limit doesn’t seem that much different from Earth (despite the weird drug that’s introduced) and the only real definition it gets this issue is from the artwork. The coloring really drives in the futuristic vibe with blues and greens that make it seem rather alien.

My only real complaint about Roche Limit #1 was the readability. Some aspects of the comic just seem rather unoriginal and cliche which is surprising because the comic seems like it will be really trailblazing over all. These aspects include the rather unexciting torture scene, the predictable solution to the main characters’ run-in with some thugs and the little explosion tactic towards the end of the comic that just seemed really uninspired.

Is It Good?

Roche Limit is a comic I’m proud to share a name with. It’s well written and has some great ideas behind it. The artwork is on point and I can’t wait to visit this strange intergalactic colony again next month!


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