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Adventures in Poor TV

Adventures In Poor TV: The 8 Biggest Screw-Ups of Faking It S02E01

Faking It is an MTV drama about two girls who go to a school where they decide pretending to be a lesbian couple will make them more popular. But let’s be real here, if you’re reading this article, you know what the show’s all about. So let’s take a look at the top eight biggest screw ups in Season 2’s opening episode.

1. Sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend.

This episode opens with a shot of Amy in bed with Liam after they got it on the past night as a result of being more drunk than any 16 year olds have a right to be. This is a mistake both because in their drunken haze there was no consideration of proper contraception and, sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend is a serious jerk move.

Sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend

2. Having your drunk hookup pass by a large public window.

After Liam realizes the horror of last night and the fact that he slept with Amy, he escapes in front of the house’s most visible window. This is a great way to show off his killer traps, but not such a great way to escape unseen.

3. Sleeping leaned up against a tree.

Seriously, how could that be comfortable? That tree isn’t even wide enough for two people. It might have seemed like a romantic idea, but I can’t imagine how sore your back is going to be in the morning.

4. Not having Rita Volk wear a beanie sooner.

If ever there were a character more suited to wear a beanie, I have not found them yet.

5. Tying a dude up in your car.

I understand that this is a dramatic way to move the plot along, but it just seems like there would be smarter ways to get someone to keep a secret than to take them hostage.

6. Showing up to your friend’s/anyone’s window with a guitar.

If you want someone not to pull away from you further, the last thing you should do is write them a song to show them how much you care. This dramatic gesture only served to push Amy away further and make everyone in the audience’s skin crawl.

7. Suggesting to your daughter in any way that you may have tried freaky sex things once in your life.

The scene where Amy and her mom talk about how Tommy is bound and gagged in the garage is disturbing for so many reasons. Not only is the fact that Amy’s mom is on board with whatever sexual endeavors Amy goes on, save being a lesbian, a well-written and really quite horrifying realization. But, the fact that she condones this behavior and even gives Amy advice (code word: taco) is pretty gross as well. All of this scene was just ick.

8. Not telling your ex-girlfriend that you slept with her best friend.

Liam Booker believes in total honesty, yet he won’t admit to a mistake he made while he was heavily intoxicated. If he really wanted to be honest and let Karma down easy, he would just tell her about he and Amy.

And thus concludes my list of the top eight ways to screw up things further in the season premiere of Faking It. The episode is availible for download on Amazon and Netflix and can be watched for free on


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