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Is It Good? Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #4 Review

Take a really cool monster mythological story and tell us its actual history, combine that with a badass chick who kills monsters, an old man who’s been fighting the god beast for years and a little boy who’s a bit weird and what do you get? A sick comic, that’s what! Is it good?

Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #4 (Image Comics)

This issue opens like the last three did, with a little more monster backstory to fuel the bad guys’ side of things. These monsters have been forced to live in squalor underground for so long it’s almost like I want them to crush us puny humans. The army is almost ready to go to the surface with a handy, giant god beast about to go in the first wave. Hack and her monster hunters are ready though, but at what cost?

The kid is hilariously into weapons in this issue.

There’s a calm before the storm moment for our heroes in this issue and it’s well rendered by Michael Moreci. The charm of each character comes out, from the little boys excitement when he finds a sword, to the old man revealing a softer side and Hack’s mothering nature for the boy. This helps increase the tension when their lives become forfeit, or seemingly so, when the action kicks into high gear. The battle sequence is balanced well with a flashback for Hack, a sacrifice and the boy going one on one with a monstrous version of himself.

Ultimately this is a very well written action comic. So often the action is stuffed with gore and fighting to fill out the pages, but for what it’s worth every moment is tethered to either the stakes in play, or the emotional reaction of the hero. This makes each panel of violence all the more rewarding and worth your time.

Poor disgusting monsters.

The art by Emilio Laiso continues to impress and is always easy to follow due to well rendered pencils and logical layouts. There’s an explosion in this issue that he simply nails. it’s an emotionally powerful moment and he does it as if the figures were turned to dust instantly. Their forms are barely understandable and it’s an interesting way to send them off as they’re almost gone in the image itself.

What an ominous fellow in the background.

Is It Good?

Another great issue in this series due to the backstory always building and the action always connected to context. Don’t miss this great series!


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