Talking animals, the final story of Usagi Yojimbo and tripod aliens…could you think of anything more batshit insane than this? So far so good, but is it good?

Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

The first issue established Usagi’s relationship with his son and his inability to let go and let the kid battle. Usagi and his son are fighting in a war that abruptly gets cut off from a giant missile looking spacecraft. Inside are tripod aliens who bust out and start turning everything into dust. Last issue Usagi was on his way to warn a nearby town, while it was discovered that octopus looking aliens spilled out of the ships. They’re also building them, so maybe if they can stop the building they can stop the aliens all together.

That dude really has to adjust those glasses a lot, doesn’t he?

This issue continues the battle; there are some prominent deaths and some successful alien takedowns by the samurai warriors. The most important story element writer and artist Stan Sakai throws down is the heroes’ notion that they must beat the aliens so that more won’t come thinking they are easy prey. Between that and a strong heroic moment for an old rhino protecting Usagi’s son, there’s plenty of action to satisfy any reader.

Art by Sakai is once again top notch, with some cool action shots and an epic total destruction of a town that you won’t want to miss. There’s also a very epic two thirds sized panel of a tripod taking a grenade that’s poster worthy. Sure there’s no color, but Sakai uses all black grounds nicely to enhance a dramatic moment, or a ton of hatching to separate characters from backgrounds. There’s also a fun rhino skull word bubble that comes out of the rhino that’s a fun yet dramatic way of showing his passing on into death.


Is It Good?

While the first issue was setup and the second all payoff, the third is a transitional issue focused mostly on action with a few plot tidbits tied together in an eye-popping artistic bow.

Is It Good? Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #3 Review
Taut and action packedEpic momentsEye-popping art
Not a lot of character developing moments
8.5Overall Score
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