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Is It Good? Hinterkind #12 Review

We’ve reached the finale for Hinterkind‘s second story arc. While the last issue was a bit of a miss, the entire arc has really elevated the entire comic in my mind; it’s worked on progressing and developing the characters and world fairly well, while also getting some good stories going as well.

How will this issue fare? Is it good?

Hinterkind #12 (Vertigo Comics)


As Prosper heads towards the White City with the Sidhe she rescued last issue, trouble continues to brew for the Sidhe Kingdom. Princess Tersia, along with the rest of the kingdom, is still a bit shocked by the big news they found out last time and Tersia is about to get an even bigger shock.

I don’t want to imagine their thumbs up their asses.

Now this issue felt a lot better than the last; though not without its problems, it was a much more enjoyable and engaging read. The story here brings a few plotlines to a close, while setting the stage for where the series will be going next (at least I think it will, since when the comic comes back in December, we’ll be getting a flashback issue). The issue feels much less dense and bloated this time, since it’s not trying to do too much at once and this allows for some good resolution and moments throughout the issue that captured my interest.

As with last issue, however, this issue isn’t very strong in the characterization development department. Sure, there’s some good moments here and there in terms of minor bonding between the heroes, but that’s sort of it. A possible fix could be as simple as not adding such a plethora of characters to the mix and instead focusing on the ones already there that could use some work. Other than that, Ian Edginton’s writing is mostly fine; his pacing is much improved, so the story never feels very slow like last time; the dialogue is fine, if a bit forgettable, and the ending gives a lot of promise going forward. Overall, there are a few hitches in the writing and story, but still not a bad outing overall.

They also make this weird clicking noise as well that’s kind of creepy.

The artwork by Francesco Trifogli is alright, as usual. I mean, there’s some nice designs here and the characters aren’t bad looking, but it’s not particularly exciting most of the time. It does pick up and look a bit more interesting during the big action scene towards the end, but that’s it. Frankly, Marguerite Sauvage’s cover/page is really the highlight when it comes to the artwork on the book and seeing what her work would look like if she actually got to draw a page excites me. One can hope.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #12 is a decent conclusion to the second arc and a nice step up from the misstep in the last issue. While weak in the character department mostly, the story did pick up and showed a lot of potential for excitement in the next arc. The story continues to get bigger and bigger and I look forward to seeing it all play out in the future.


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