Last month, we were left with one heck of a cliffhanger in the past along with a heck of a mystery in the present. In this issue, we get to see how Ellington/Ohio and Mulder/Scully deal with both. Is it good?

The X-Files: Year Zero #3 (IDW Publishing)

The big scary werewolf attack from last issue resolves itself with Ellington, Ohio, and the boy they were trying to save a bit banged up but still alright.

Good thing, too. Being bitten by a werewolf can cause you to grow some gnarly sideburns.

Unfortunately, the endgame of Xero continues to be a head scratcher. The two agents eventually come across what appears to be new evidence of their mysterious tipster’s origins, but a trip to the present with Mulder and Scully reveals that things might not be what they seem…again…

Is It Good?

As good as this series still is, this issue felt like it was spinning its wheels a bit. From Mulder and Scully’s circular conversation with Dell to the mind games with Xero, it’s starting to get a little too Kafka-esque.

We do get some new information in the form of Xero’s possible iterations, but nothing that really tells us about him as an entity beyond what we’ve already seen. I will admit, however, that I was intrigued at the possibility of the X-Files first agents being guided by this mysterious character. It’s a plot thread that has major potential to go either way.

And despite my reservations about the issue’s narrative muddiness, the great dialogue and exceptional art still makes it a highly enjoyable read. Let’s just hope that next month’s installment moves things forward a bit.

Is It Good? X-Files: Year Zero #3 Review
Writer Karl Kesel once again shows an uncanny knack for dialogue that perfectly balances dramatic sincerity and genuine humor.The art team of Greg Scott and Vic Malhotra continues to knock it out of the park.
The narrative is beginning to spin its wheels a bit. We already know that Xero has dubious motives and supernatural abilities. It's far past time to begin piecing together his motivations.
8Overall Score
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