Justice League is being double shipped this month, which should finally allow the series to catch up to where it should be. This ought to be good (hopefully). Let’s check out the first issue of the two coming this month. Is it good?

Justice League #34 (DC Comics)

After the events of the previous few arcs, the Justice League takes a bit of a breather and relaxes a little bit. Lex Luthor is working with several of the Justice League members as they try to teach him the point of being a member of the league, Shazam is hanging out with Cyborg as he gets some work done, and the Flash is chatting with Jessica Cruz about her current predicament. All seems calm for now…

This issue serves as a denouement for the previous arc, decompressing from its events, as well as bridging the gap between that arc and the next. There’s no big main storyline going on here, but just something that’s catching up on where all of the characters are at and it’s a rather nice change of pace. After several issues of intensity, it’s nice to slow down and give the characters a chance to talk and the audience to relax a little bit.

Speaking of the characters, the characterization here is fantastic. For once, every single character in the book feels accurate and true to who they are or how they’ve been presented. This especially goes for Wonder Woman, who feels much closer to her classic portrayal and how she has been in her own book. No overly aggressive behavior, just her being nice and trying to teach and show Luthor what being a member of the Justice League is all about. Though, for some reason, Aquaman is nowhere to be seen in this issue. The dialogue as well is pretty well handled by everyone, the twists for the characters are great, and the writing in general is handled well. Honestly, this is probably one of the best both character and writing-wise issues the series has had to date yet.

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The only downside to this whole issue is the artwork by Scott Kolins and the coloring that goes along with it. It’s really not the best fit for the book, since it’s a bit too cartoony and bland in areas. It especially doesn’t work in the slower parts where the characters are just talking and need to be more emotive. Add in the rather boring coloring and it doesn’t make it the most appealing looking issue the series has had. I will say, though, that Kolins does really know how to draw flashy action that looks pretty great, so there is that.

Is It Good?

Justice League #34 is a more character-focused issue in comparison to ones we’ve had before, but it still delivers on a fairly enjoyable and introspective experience. It also lays down some rather exciting plot points and threads that have me excited for seeing what comes next in the book. While the artwork isn’t up to par sadly, the writing and character work here more than make up for it and I do highly recommend it.

Is It Good? Justice League #34 Review
The writing and character work were excellent.Has a lot of interesting plot and subplots being developed here.
The artwork isn’t the best fit for this issue.
8.5Overall Score
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