Try to name one good comic book set during Medieval times that doesn’t include Dr. Doom or Iron Man. Go on, I dare you! That is except Dark Ages, of course, but so far we’ve only seen two issues. We have our hands on #3, but is it good?

Dark Ages #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Mercenaries travelling the land came upon a monastery of monks who have sworn a vow of silence. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention they came to the monastery looking for solace from dinosaur looking aliens? Or that they are silent because there’s some…thing walled off in their monastery that won’t stop talking? Last issue was a well-paced, action-packed story with the promise to reveal what that thing is in this issue. It does not disappoint.

The plot thickens.

The beauty of this series, written by Dan Abnett, is how the fantastical elements are being introduced layer by layer. The first issue revealed the enemy, but not exactly what they were. The second issue revealed there was more to the monastery than we originally thought, and finally in this issue we get a much bigger picture. We’re talking intergalactic picture people, and the main characters are flipping common and very stupid human beings. Abnett reveals a new character who only wants to help us silly humans—one might think a hyper intelligent being would have waited till at least the 20th century to start talks, but time is running out. Isn’t it always?

I don’t want to reveal too much about this new character, but he’s pretty cool. The design is interesting but his main purpose is even more so, which is important because so far the villains of this series have been blind barbarian monsters and nothing more. Now things are becoming more clear and that only strengthens this series further.

The art by I. N. J. Culbard is once again top notch, with plenty of panels that move in and move out at the right moments to enhance the drama between the characters. There’s far less action in this issue, but that’s okay, largely because of the well-paced story and reveals, but also because the art never feels stifling. It works really well with the writing.

Didn’t want to say anything but Al is nutbars.

Is It Good?

Incredibly enjoyable series now more than ever, especially if you’re a science fiction fan. Like a tasty onion with every layer that’s sweeter and sweeter. Those sweet, sweet onions. Yum!

Is It Good? Dark Ages #3 Review
Delivers new reveals and interesting characters that only strengthen the seriesWell paced
Not a ton of action
9.5Overall Score
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