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Is It Good? New Suicide Squad #3 Review

The female squad members have been quibbling throughout the entire mission and now both Harley Quinn and Joker’s Daughter have finally reached their breaking point. What happens when the other members can no longer hold them back? Is it good?

New Suicide Squad #3 (DC Comics)

We won’t discuss what happened in last month’s Futures End issue because it was disappointing and pointless and we should wipe it from our memory banks entirely. (There’s a link for the morbidly curious though.) Two months ago we left the Squad in disarray with the team slowly being dismantled, Deadshot being uncharacteristically careless and allowing himself to be shot…twice, and the subway came crashing down upon the team, but we don’t really care about all of that because we’re focused on the impending catfight.

We begin with Deadshot being discovered amongst the rubble by Russian soldiers. Oh yeah, spoiler, he survived the multiple gunshot wounds, the explosion, and the falling concrete in true superhero fashion

. Deadshot and his mustache are carted off and the camera turns to the remaining members of the suicide squad. Black Manta assumes the role of babysitter as balances Vic Sage’s orders and making sure Harley and Joker’s Daughter don’t kill each other.

The focus of the issue is Harley Quinn and Joker’s Daughter attempting to sort out their differences through both verbal abuse and physical altercations. Their brawl not only allows Roberts and Rob Hunter to have fun drawing a very passionately heated altercation, but it also gives Ryan a chance to write in some background information on the Joker’s Daughter in terms of her beliefs and views of the man she bases her identity on. Being a relatively new character to the DC universe, Joker’s Daughter hasn’t had the opportunity to fully reveal the extent of her character, let alone grow and develop (which may be why I dislike her so much). However the way the dispute ends, Ryan may provide an opportunity for such development in the near future. Because they chose to hide Joker’s Daughter’s face after being beat to a pulp yet featured her profile while being carried by Manta on the very next page, I’m hoping Harley ripped half of the Joker’s face off or something to that effect.

It feels like a very short issue (20 pages long) because we breeze through the Deadshot scenes in anticipation of the female battle royale. This scene is made up of a lot of action so it doesn’t take long before you’re at the final pages which featured Deadshot now back at the Russian headquarters. The final pages set up a final shocking cliffhanger, but really, we all knew where it was headed anyway so I doubt it’ll surprise anyone. Visually, the last page is pretty epic as well as some of the earlier action scenes between the women. Some panels feature a blurred effect which gives the art a 3D quality and almost pop out of the page. On the flip side, some faces are a bit distorted and have odd dimensions to them which is a first for this series thus far because the art has usually been on point.

Is It Good?

Is it as good as the previous issues we’ve seen? Not quite. This issue is a quick read and doesn’t include the usual laughs like we’re used to seeing. It’s an important issue for the two cover girls and even toes the emotional sensitivity line that is uncommon for these characters. It’s a unique issue, enjoyable overall, and loads better than what we were given last month for Futures End.


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