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Weekly Weeklies: 10/08/14 – Batman Eternal #27 and Futures End #23

So we got to see Earth 2: World’s End this week and while it was good, we are not yet covering it here; still one more week to go before we add it to Weekly Weeklies. In the meantime, let’s check out the newest round of books: Batman Eternal #27 and Futures End #23.

Spoilers below!

Batman Eternal #27

Lead Writer: Tim Seeley
Corresponding Writers: Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, James Tynion IV, and Kyle Higgins
Artists: Javier Garron


Below Arkham Asylum, some of the demon possessed inmates run into Killer Croc as he is passing through, still on the hunt. They… don’t stand a chance. As Commissioner Bard heads for his car, he is confronted by Batgirl who has a bone to pick with him. Elsewhere, Gotham Child Services drops Jade off to her only close living relative, crime boss Dragos Ibanescu. He is having problems of his own, getting a call and live transmission from the area where his goons were supposed to be making a drop to the Ferrymen’s group. You see, the Whisper Gang has ambushed them to get the goods and both Batman & Catwoman (who Jade recognizes as she watches the video feed) have shown up on the scene as well.

Spoiler Corner

As Batman and Catwoman take out the thugs, Batman confronts one of the leaders about where the hell Hush is. He doesn’t know and he also doesn’t know where Hush is getting all of his weapons from either. After the dust has settled, Batman is wondering out loud how the Whisper Gang found out about the drop and Catwoman reveals she told them.

At Gotham Child Services, Leslie Thompkins is confronted by Killer Croc, demanding to know where the hell Jade is. She tells him and she, with Ibanescu and Croc starts hunting around the city for where he can find him.

At the Moffat Building, Ibanescu meets with the Ferryman, aka Mr. Bone (you’ll recall him from Judd Winick’s Catwoman run long ago). To make up for that meeting disaster, he has brought along Jade, who knows exactly where Catwoman is. Mr. Bone does have a score to settle with her after she beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat.

As Batman is heading home in the Batmobile, he crosses paths with killer for hire, Flamingo. Batman takes him down quickly, hitting him with the Batmobile. When Batman gets out to check on him, he finds a note attached. The note is from Spoiler, who had been watching the whole thing, informing him that Flamingo was out to kill her. Using information she collected on the Internet from various criminals and also from sitting of Batman, she led Flamingo right to Batman since she figured out where exactly he would be driving by that night.

Jason Bard finds himself in a very tight situation, being hung upside down from a tall skyscraper by Batgirl. She demands to know why Jim Gordon is still in prison, but he says he isn’t intimated by her. However, she then proceeds to let go of the rope and drop him.

When Catwoman gets home, she discovers Jade, who is crying and upset. Turns out, she led Mr. Bone right to her home and he’s right behind Catwoman, about to beat her with a baseball bat.


Now this was a very dense and highly enjoyable read. There was so much going on in this book, progressing so many plots and checking on a lot of characters. It was exciting, with tons of great moments from the characters (who are all wonderfully characterized), some great dialogue, and a lot of cool references to previous characters in the New 52 Batman universe. Not a single page or panel was wasted here and the whole thing left me in a wonderful mood, so excited to see where the next issue takes me. The only weak point was the artwork. While the style look and action was great, the artist wasn’t exactly good on drawing normal body proportions.

Best Moment

There’s not a long massage or strong enough lotion to fix your problem, sir.

Batman Eternal #27

      9.0Overall Score

      Futures End #23

      Writers: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen
      Artist: Aaron Lopresti


      Frankenstein, Amethyst, Hawkman, Ray Palmer (now going by the Atom), and Black Adam start fighting gigantic Brainiac and his forces so they can get out of the place. After a big fight scene, the five escape (Hawkman capturing the still A.I. controlled Engineer as well) and flee the Blood Moon in a ship Atom brought. However, on their way out, they run into more of Brainiac’s forces.

      Spoiler Corner

      In New York City, Madison Payne is on a run through the park, reflecting on her breakup up with Cal/Tim. As she does that, she runs into Ronnie Raymond, who has come to apologize for his jerkish behavior in the past. She accepts and he then invites her for some coffee to show he has changed. In the distance, Cal is watching the scene, heartbroken.

      In Las Vegas, those women we saw last time are given a new mission after they proved themselves worthy. The job? Kill Fifty Sue since she has become way too dangerous and unstable.

      In the distant future 35 years from now, Brother Eye is talking with Mr. Terrific who informs him that he has a visitor. You see, it’s Batman… after Brother Eye modified him to be an assassin to go back in time and kill Batman Beyond. However, that’s not the only thing. The re-modified version has both he and the Joker combined into one (basically, he pulled a Professor Quirrel on them).


      It definitely feels like we are still setting things up for the second half of Futures End, honestly. We are developing some more plotlines and subplots to explore and moving some characters to certain areas to get them ready. As such, while there is some excitement and intrigue, it’s not exactly the most thrilling and eventful of the Futures End tie-ins. The writing is still good (save one or two moments I was unsure about) and the artwork was decent. Hopefully, we get back to the action very soon, since the teaser pages at the end of the book for the second half of Futures End are fasincating.

      Best Moment

      Batman Eternal #27

          7.5Overall Score


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