Remember how no one died in the first issue? That problem is easily remedied here.

The onslaught begins as the crew quickly transitions from hunters to prey. With alien life awakened on the surface of the moon LV-223, the Geryon fleet must choose between life-changing discoveries and their own lives. So is it good?

Prometheus: Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse Comics)


We last left off with the space crew opening a vessel hidden away in the jungle and the alien creatures getting psyched for room service. It only takes two pages for the carnage to commence as the team is quickly ambushed and assaulted from all directions. From here the storyline turns into a chase scene as the crew seeks safety, barreling through the jungle, encountering other life forms and getting split up in the process. The result is a handful of explorers dead, the majority of the crew back on the ship with Francis and Elden lost on the planet (Francis is the astro-biologist suffering from some disease and Elden is his android buddy).

Captain Foster is gracious enough to explain to her crew that their presence on this moon is based on a lie and that the real reason is that she wanted to complete Weyland’s mission for the origin of man. This obviously doesn’t sit well with the crew, but before they can go all mutiny on her ass, they locate Francis and Elden and coordinate a rescue party. An important note to this scene is that a figure appears outside of the ship when Foster is discussing Weyland, the same figure featured on the cover. It then reappears during their rescue mission and seems to be following the crew. This potentially-Weyland character will probably be revealed by next issue, but we’ll have to wait until next month.


The rescue mission is short lived because the crew has the attention span of a labrador puppy and they go off exploring something else. Meanwhile Francis and Elden find a cave which contains highly detailed research data of the moon and extraterrestrial life forms. The comic ends with Francis injecting Elden with the accelerant goop found earlier in attempts to selfishly find a cure to his cancer. However, after being injected with a full syringe of accelerant, Elden appears to have a poor reaction to say the least. The issue ends with this cliffhanger and a chance to finally exhale after closing the comic.

The action and adrenaline is in no short-supply for Prometheus: Fire and Stone #2 and definitely makes good on the build-up of issue one. We get an opportunity to see the classic aliens, the facehuggers and even some “shark” aliens which are actually pretty sweet looking. The art is on point throughout the whole issue, featuring a lot of great shading, detail, and color choice with both alien and human blood popping against the dark tones of the spacecraft shadows. Ferreyra is equally talented in drawing both the dark gritty death scenes as well as the subtle emotions of the crew member’s faces. The art is certainly able to keep up with the plot line.

Is It Good?

Issue one gave us plot, issue two gave us action, and issue three is poised to give us even more battle sequences and morbid deaths. This series is pretty well rounded in both art and plot and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next month.

Is It Good? Prometheus: Fire and Stone #2 Review
Art is perfect for this type of comicWe get the action we were waiting for
There's a lot packed into one issue so it may get confusing
8.5Overall Score
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