Last issue, a bunch of convoluted storytelling was topped off with one of the greatest action scenes of all time.

Will this issue be more of the same… and is it good?

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #17 (IDW Publishing)


The story opens with Lucy learning a harsh lesson about not touching dead people, particularly when the potential corpses in question are psychic twins.


Meanwhile, the Cryog from before goes full on stupid supervillain, launching a counter attack against some strange looking creatures that leaves him and the rest of his crew completely exposed. After that, the entire issue basically turns into one gigantic, kaiju-fueled acid trip.

Gigan shows up and starts kicking names and taking ass, which causes these weird shards to fall into the ocean on earth… which somehow wakes up Ebirah…who gets all cranky and lashes out at Godzilla… which causes Godzilla to beat the crap out of Ebirah and chomp down him like a well-cooked entree from Red Lobster.

There’s also some sort of weird coda with people finding eggs and the evil psychic twins messing with Lucy’s head from beyond the grave, but I’d already gone into full convulsions by that point to understand what it meant.

Is It Good?

It should be, especially with Matt FrankJeff Zornow’s excellent artwork, but everything about this book was Kafka-level crazy. Even the fight scenes, which have been this title’s saving grace, were haphazardly choreographed.

It’s clear that Chris Mowry has a deep love for these creatures and the universe they inhabit, but understanding and enjoying it as a reader is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Editor’s note: The review originally credited Matt Frank as the artist. Jeff Zornow was actually the artist on issue #17; this has been fixed. We apologize for any confusion.

Is It Good? Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #17 Review
The script may not make much sense, but artist Jeff Zornow draws some beautiful pages amidst the chaos.
What is going on?No seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?The title can usually count on well choreographed fight scenes to salvage issues where the plot is muddy, but even those were all over the place this time around.
4Overall Score
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