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Is It Good? Revival #24 Review

And so begins the next story arc (or at least the beginning of the new trade paperback) for Revival.

The last issue left us with a fantastic finish, closing the door on many storylines but also opening a few new ones as well; some rather unsettling ones at that.

Revival #24 (Image Comics)


Spring has finally hit Central Wisconsin and the snow and ice are melting away. Unfortunately, the problems the community has can’t melt away as easily; an influx of out-of-towners are coming to the area to be healed and new problems are starting to pop up in the characters’ lives…

Also, zombie deer!

Revival #24 is a good turning point for the comic. There are several new storylines and plot points, advancements in subplots we haven’t seen in a while (hinting that they’ll become important soon), and new growth and development for a lot of the characters that could possibly be exhibiting a fresh outlook on life soon. While nowhere as exciting or thrilling as the previous issue was, the story has gotten off to a good start here and I’m rather intrigued by what’ll be coming next in the tale.

The writing by Tim Seeley is just as good as ever. The characterization is excellent and well done for everyone. I especially like that we are getting back to developing Ramin, who hasn’t gotten to do much in a while. The storytelling and pacing are excellent, the dialogue is engaging and enjoyable to read, and horror-wise, the issue displays some creepy vibes, especially during the opening (although overall it’s much tamer than in previous issue). The only weakness I could find was with the ending: while intriguing, it’s not the best cliffhanger the series has shown, especially after the last few we got.

Well if they keep pulling their teeth out, it’s going to easily identity who they are.

The artwork by Mike Norton is as fine as always. The characters are well depicted and drawn overall, being very expressive with their faces and body language. The layouts are typically put together well and flow from panel to panel without any problems. The coloring and inking are decent, though nothing to write home about. The creepy and more horrific moments are well depicted, though one bit of action looked off to me. Overall, the artwork gets the job done well.

Is It Good?

Revival #24 is a solid start to the new arc and has me intrigued for what’ll be happening next for the characters. While it doesn’t have the intensity or as strong a conclusion as last time — the story, the writing, and the characters are still excellent and well-handled like always. There’s really not much more to say other than make sure to check it out.


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