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Is It Good? Sheltered #12 Review

Last issue, we saw huge cracks start to form in the world that the Safe Haven kids created. They just don’t know it yet. As the ending looms not so far off, how will these remaining issues go, in particular this one? Is it good?

Sheltered #12 (Image Comics)

The police officers examine the bodies and try to figure out what exactly has happened here. They may soon be getting some answers, as the two runaway girls from Safe Haven have run across the crime scene. Meanwhile, Curt and the officers who found the body head to Safe Haven themselves to figure out what is going on…

Good to hear that Curt still hasn’t lost his charm apparently.

Like with last issue, the comic is really starting to pick up speed as the end grows near. The tension and chaos are just building and building as now the cops and soon maybe even the army are going to get involved in this whole fiasco. The story isn’t moving slowly here anymore; it’s picking up steam and barrelling towards what seems to be a very bloody and deadly finale in the near future. This increasing tension, fast moving story, and also the ending (which I won’t spoil), all come together to make one hell of an issue and keep you glued to the comic more than ever.

Ed Brisson’s writing continues to be excellent and is what you have come to expect from Sheltered. The storytelling is strong, along with the atmosphere and mood throughout. The characters are well done, though there wasn’t as much characterization or growth here as in previous issues outside of developing some of the cops. The dialogue is great and helps with adding a bit of personality and humanity to everyone (I do even like the small touches of humor here and there to try to lighten the mood). The only real problem I could have with the writing is that it’s a very quick read as always. It took less than seven minutes to read this thing from beginning to end (on the plus side, it shouldn’t take long if you want to reread the series from beginning to end to prepare for the finale at least).

The usual praises can also be given to Johnnie Chrismas’ artwork, since its quality hasn’t slipped or fallen between issues either. The characters, the gritty nature and style, the colors and inks, layouts, and action are all still very excellent here. It’s all there, including some nice moody imagery alongside the intensity from time to time. The only weak spot is that some of the characters look off in a panel or two, but that’s a nitpick that won’t hurt the overall quality of the book.

Is It Good?

Sheltered continues to lead us to the very bitter end of the series, with another heart pounding and overly tense issue. The writing and story remain fantastic from start to finish, easily sucking up any remaining doubts the audience may have about where this is all going. Even if it’s coming to a close, Sheltered is one of the best Image comics currently out there and is worth your time. It’s never too late to come aboard and enjoy the rest of the ride.


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