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Is It Good? The X-Files: Year Zero #4 Review

The past and the present continue to come to together in X-Files: Year Zero #4. Is it good?

X-Files: Year Zero #4

Back in 1946, Xero is starting to get a little psychotic and clingy in regards to his relationship with Dorothy. His action include (but are not limited to) watching her sleep, making cryptic statements, and giving her the ability to see things in the past.

The last part comes in handy when she’s able to help agents Ellington and Ohio track down a murderer. Unfortunately, Xero later goes all Nightstalker and tries to kidnap Dorothy from her home…then blows it up with her inside.

Yeah…I have no idea, either.

“Your feet smell like lilacs…”

Back in the present, Xero reveals to Mulder and Scully that Dell Spoon is Dorothy’s son, he never killed Dorothy, and Dorothy is still alive due to not aging since 1946.

Once again, I’m right there with you in the ‘Huh?’ department.

Based on some cryptic pseudo prophecies said by Xero, Mulder decides to not arrest/capture him (?). Later, Dell’s mother/Dorothy shows up in town (??). Unfortunately, Dell’s psychic dog-whispering abilities end up getting him cornered by a band of criminals (???).

Is It Good?

This comic feels like a really bad episode of Twin Peaks, which is to say it’s still pretty entertaining despite making absolutely no sense.

The interrogation and chase scenes in the opening half of the book are thrilling. The art by Greg Scott and Vic Malhottra is outstanding. And as far as dialogue goes, the script by Karl Kesel is pretty good.

But the story, which started out as a tightly woven thriller, is unraveling faster than David Duchovny’s career after 2002. Xero has also turned from mysterious and spooky to annoying and douchey (despite blowing up a house this issue).

Maybe it’ll all be brought back together next issue. This series isn’t a failure by any stretch, but it would be great to see it shine again like it did in the first coupe issues.


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