Things are going to be changing in our format for reviewing these weekly books. Instead of one big article, we’ll do a regular article on each book. We’ll use the same format as Weekly Weeklies to keep things simple and enjoyable going forward. Let’s get straight to it with Futures End #25. Is it good?

Spoilers below!

Futures End #25 (DC Comics)

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artists: Patrick Zircher and Jesus Merino


In the remains of the Carrier floating out in deep space, our heroes are facing down Brainiac’s army of huge robots that are going to destroy them. Hawkman and the Engineer head to the deeper parts of the ship to try to get it back online as well as fighting off the mechanical forces. She manages to get back into the system, but realizes they lack a navigation system. They can jump to anywhere in the universe, but they would have no idea where they would end. However, they have no choice and disappear to who knows where just as they are about to get overwhelmed.

Spoiler Corner

The remaining survivors from Cash to Deathstroke are hiding out in Fifty Sue’s secret base on Cadmus Island. Brother Eye has infected her computers as well, but can’t seem to pin down where they are. Cash is getting tired of this nonsense and points out to everyone that Faraday is superhuman and that he could simply get out of here. Realizing he lost his only chip in the game and he has no more use here, Faraday teleports out. Just as he does, Sue reveals her plan that they are going to storm the compound and try to free the island from the robot’s control.

Superman faces down the Brainiac android and beats it into the ground. While it may seem like a victory, Constantine figures that it was merely a test of his strength. He reveals that there are at least seven other sites across the Earth that act as portals and where more of these things could be located. Constantine then offers to take him there.

In New York City, Madison is continuing to hang out with Ronnie at her college. Ronnie spots a nearby TV reporting on a tsunami somewhere and realizes that he needs to get back into the game. He goes back to Jason in Yamazake’s lab to try to talk to him to getting back together to form Firestorm, but Jason is completely disinterested. Even though Ronnie has changed, Jason does not trust him remotely and tells him to leave, to which Ronnie complies. Unbeknownst to them, Dr. Yamazake is watching them and due to his own radicalism and hatred for heroes, assumes that Jason has been trying to sabotage his teleportation project.


Like the past few issues, I can’t help but think we are currently in a lull at the moment, simply just setting the scene for the second to final part of the book. More subplots are developing, new ones are emerging, and the conclusions for a few other ones that have been here since the beginning are getting closer and closer. While it’s certainly hyping and building things up, it’s not particularly at its most exciting and thrilling at this time. It’s rather disappointing to me, since I would love a bit more plot progression with the comic.

The comic still has a lot of good writing to it. The pacing and story structure are fine, the characterization and development still remains interesting and well done, and the dialogue and narration are solid through and through (though Constantine’s inner narration sounded a bit off to be). Interesting and for the first time, we have two artists working on the book at the same time, Jesus Merino and Patrick Zircher. Patrick does most of the book and Merino simply draws the part taking place on Cadmus Island. While both styles work, but are radically different from each other. I do appreciate that the book manages to separate each artists’ work and not simply toss it together like in Earth 2.

Most Memorable Moment

No, it’s totally in there. Well… at least my copy says so.

Is It Good? Futures End #25 Review
The writing and characterization are pretty good overall.The artwork is appealing.
Not much is really going on besides setup.
8Overall Score
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