This is not your childhood Cinderella. Meet Cindy, a power hungry sorority girl who is capable of reckless murder, but isn’t exactly the best at executing it (no pun intended). In this comedic three-part series, we take a look at Cindy’s role within Zenescope’s Realm War event. So is it good?

Cinderella: Age of Darkness #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)

While the series takes place within the heart of Realm War, the issue does a fairly nice job for those who aren’t familiar with the event in this line of comics in general. While those who are fresh to the series may have to be flexible with alternate storylines, the issue as a whole does a great job of providing background and outlining the events that have taken place as well as what you can expect in the near future. So what exactly is occurring?

Cindy, former sorority simpleton, was recruited by Malec, the dark one, and is now a part of the Dark Queen’s team in bringing about the apocalypse upon the conversion of Wonderland, Oz, Neverland, Myst, and Earth. However, Cindy isn’t the best at doing…well, anything. She’s reckless and gets caught up in her superiority complex, as you can tell from the opening page as she slits a hostage’s throat to the horror of her teammates. It’s due to these antics that she has a special quest assigned to her: to bring down the last God, Hades. While they all openly recognize the concept of her actually completing the mission successfully is ridiculous, Cindy goes all Neil Patrick Harris and accepts the challenge. While Cindy is receiving this mission, Hades himself is acquiring the aide of Morgana in finding those responsible for the murder of his family which happens to be members of the Dark Queens horde. It’s this storyline which may be fairly confusing for new readers, but if you keep reading it will eventually make sense.

While the storyline is simple and not really essential to the Realm War events, it’s the writing that really stands out that makes the issue worth picking up. Cindy is the stereotypical former sorority girl whose self-absorption leads to chaos surrounding her. A comic wins my respect if it can make me audibly laugh and this issue did several times. It’s definitely the comic relief to a serious, apocalyptic event.

Is It Good?

Cinderella presents quite an entertaining read with great writing for readers who have been following Realm War or those who are just jumping in. The comedic wit is supported with the some great art which captures the essence of Cindy’s condescending face. If you want to see some of your favorite childhood figures behead people and get into vulgar arguments, this is the comic for you.

Is It Good? Cinderella: Age of Darkness #1 Review
Witty and will make you laugh out loudA great addition to the Realm War event
Somewhat confusing if you haven't been following the event
8Overall Score
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