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Is It Good? Elektra #7 Review

Elektra’s about to take on one of her deadliest assignments yet.

Is it good?

Elektra #7 (Marvel Comics)

Lady Bullseye is back for revenge on Elektra after all the pain and suffering she’s recently experienced. After nearly dying, she’s come back with an incredible upgrade from the Assassins Guild: the ability to become intangible. Not only does Elektra have Lady Bullseye and her newfound abilities to worry about — can she save the people she’s supposed to protect?


This pretty much brings a close to the Cape Crow storyline (as far as I can tell) and sets the stage for the next arc, which I assume will be Elektra taking on the Assassins Guild. As a resolution issue, Elektra #7 does a good job at wrapping everything up and setting up a decent foundation for where the comic can go next. We mostly get a bunch of fight scenes and one moment doesn’t have as much impact as it should (we barely got to see any development with the character and the person’s relationship with Elektra), but it’s still enjoyable none the less.

The rest W. Haden Blackman’s writing is strong. The pacing is quick, but never feels like it’s rushing over plot points and character moments. Speaking of which, the characterization was well-done, effective, and made sense for everyone. I was a bit disappointed however that all of the buildup with Lady Bullseye didn’t amount to much in the end (hoping for a long fight). The dialogue and narration were good, especially some of the lines at the very end with Elektra confronting the villains. The ending was nice, though the artwork kind of weakened the effect due to it being too hard to tell exactly what was happening in the last panel.

Okay, now you are just in her personal space, man. That’s not cool.

The artist for this mini-arc was Alex Sanchez (who you may remember from The Evil Within). His artwork is honestly not up to par with Michael Del Mundo’s art (though who’s is these days?). Probably the weakest bit to the artwork is that it doesn’t do as good a job at conveying the emotion or heaviness in some scenes as it should. When someone dies for instance, the art doesn’t help convey the emotion of the characters all that well (the death scene and character reactions were shoved into the very top of a page with little panels). I’m looking forward to when they switch back to the regular artist.

Is It Good?

Elektra #7 ends on a good note and does a good job getting the next part of the story started. The writing is pretty good and so is the characterization, though the artwork and some parts of the writing leave a lot to be desired. I look forward to where ever the comic goes from here.


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