Last issue, we were mostly watching and catching up with the other characters in this world, but this time, we are getting back Velvet herself. What will we be seeing now? Is it good?

Velvet #8 (Image Comics)

Velvet has a new plan to seek out the information that she needs. It involves a fake bomb scare and a quick glide into her old work. It’s a plan that should work considering everything she has planned, but there’s always that one thing that could go wrong…

Oh crap! I forgot my parachute!!!

The thing about Velvet, this entire comic, to me is that it is always difficult for me to find things to say about it. That’s mostly because of how good the comic really is and how it rarely ever dips in quality. The same thing holds true from issue to issue, to a certain extent. The story is basically Velvet pulling off her plan, the difficulties she comes across during it, and the ultimate fallout from it. It’s well told, interesting to read, and leaves off on the usual interesting and intriguing cliffhanger. All of the usual things you hear or read about.

However, this issue does highlight a problem that the series does suffer from at this point in time. While the story is always moving forward and keeping the issue exciting, it does feel like the plotline has been spinning its wheels a bit. Coming away from this issue, the comic doesn’t feel like we’ve learned anything new or we’ve gone anywhere all that much. Sure, Velvet seems to have picked up a new lead by the end, but that’s really it. That may be nitpicky, but that’s really something I hope the comic improves upon in the remaining issues for this arc.

Of course, the usual praises for the writing and the artwork still apply here. The pacing, the storytelling, and the story flow are all perfectly fine here and there’s no moment where the story ever feels disjointed or moving too slowly. The characterization is fine, but it’s a bit lighter this time around than in the previous issues of the arc. The dialogue and narration are good as well, though nothing really jumps out this issue in particular. Well, except for the ending scene where the dialogue feels very awkward and heavy on the exposition. It doesn’t feel all that natural.

Meanwhile, the artwork is spectacular as always. Nothing too noteworthy this time with the imagery mind you, but still, it’s all very well drawn. The characters, the environments, the colors, the layouts, and the action are all handled well and come out looking great. The only complaint I have with it is the occasional lack of an actual background, with a white or bland void behind the characters.

Is It Good?

Velvet #8 is another solid of this series. While there are some not-so-good things or areas that could be better, all the good easily, without a doubt, outweighs the bad. Ultimately, if you have been enjoying the comic up until now, nothing will change after reading this.

Is It Good? Velvet #8 Review
Another good, well-done issue of the series.The writing is strong like usual.Artwork looks beautiful.
The story could progress faster.Ending scene felt a bit off.
8.5Overall Score
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