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Is It Good? God Hates Astronauts #3 Review

This week we receive our third installment of the most ridiculous comic I’ve ever read. After last issue got a bit derailed in its absurdity, this issue progresses the main storyline and includes more panel time for Stargrass. So is it good?

God Hates Astronauts #3 (Image Comics)

We begin with the memory of Buzz Olwdrin and Seal Armstrong going to planet Crabulon to apologize for their golf antics against King Tiger Eating A Cheeseburger’s crab armada (Did I really type that sentence deadpan with the utmost seriousness? What am I doing with my life?). We learn that the King is not one to be trifled with as he brutally executes both astronauts with a giant axe to the horror of Dr. Professor and amusement of the reader (because it’s quite amusing). This introduction to the issue has the wit and clever references that made us fall in love with the first issue and from that point on you’re sold.

This issue provides a little bit of panel time for all the characters. We get to see more of the haunting of Gnarled Winslow, the mental/technological breakdown of Stargrass’ mind, the imminent invasion of the Crabulon army, and Dave and Craymok attempting to solve the mystery of the random purses in their apartment. The issue also features another advertisement by Minternets as well as a follow-up segment for The Impossible’s storyline. While I thoroughly enjoy the advertisement pieces featuring Gnarled who is now running from the authorities for what occurred in last month’s advertisement, The Impossible’s short story was the low point in the issue for me. While it’s more of an add-on than part of the actual comic, the art is pretty dismal and makes you wish they just added two extra pages into the actual issue.

I again have to commend Ryan Browne on the fantastic art job. For a farcical comic, you don’t expect such detailed work, but the panels support the witty writing in delivering a well-rounded hilarious comic. The sound effects provided in the artwork are incredibly funny and you sometimes don’t catch them until the second time through the comic. Each panel is so packed that you may not catch the chaotic movements being expressed as movie titles and each subsequent panel details a sequel to said movie, and you may not see the anthropomorphic rabbit riding in invisible vehicle through multiple pages sadly stating “I [heart] carrots” to himself. Browne is a comedic genius and this comic is filled to the brim with his humor.

Is It Good?

This issue is ludicrous. And I mean that in a good way. Like “My Chick Bad” Ludacris rather than “Fred Claus” Ludacris (I don’t know how many comic book readers will understand those references, but if you got both of them congratulations). This issue brings us back up to the standards presented in the first and it looks like plenty of action in on the horizon for Stargrass and the rest of the nincompoops at NASA.


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