Chastity #5

Written Marc Andreyko | Art by Dave Acosta

Dave: Not showing the werewolf display of genitals is a common mistake films make yet it’s so inherently important in the mythos.

Dog: How else would he prove he’s the pack leader?

Spread #4

Written Rick Spears | Art by German Peralta

Dave: Pacman just isn’t as cute in real life.

Greg: At least he’s being polite. Manners have become something of a lost art these days.

Dog: Is he murdering a rubber Todd McFarlane in that second panel?

Dave: Ah, being a teenager.


John: This is why you don’t mess with redheads. They go full crazy!

Game of Thrones #22

Written George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abraham | Art by Tommy Patterson

Dave: Tell your mother it isn’t fitting to use slanted shutters.

Dog: “I don’t care what time of year it is; I’ll wear white whenever I want!”

Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #5

Written Michael Moreci | Art by Emilio Laiso

Dave: Goopy face (on the right) knew he shouldn’t have joined the fight and his face showed signs of it for weeks.

Dog: That’s how you take control, Rule 63 Casey Jones!

God Hates Astronauts #3

Written Ryan Browne | Art by Chris Burnham

Dave: De-Bed is an interesting sound and I can only imagine it sounds similar to a nude dick flopping in the wind.

Dog: So what, Muslims will declare jihad if someone draws a rhino’s dick?

Vampirella #6

Written Nancy A. Collins | Art by Patrick Berkenkotter

Dave: Whoa whoa no need to get handsy!

John: Threesomes with two dudes never work out.

Dog: Even when they’re both artificial grape Nosferatus.

68: Homefront #3

Written Mark Kidwell | Art by Kyle Charles

Dog: “What, she smelled like maple syrup and back bacon!”

Dave: The only way to get lassoed is by intestine.

Tooth & Claw #1

Written Kurt Busiek | Art by Ben Dewey

Dave: This is why we don’t give acid to bears and dogs.

Dog: And while one Kool-Aid vampire is victorious, the other is left to pull his own unremitting pearl, alone.