This week we draw one issue closer to the finale of the Fire and Stone event with issue three of Prometheus: Fire and Stone.

With the other branches of the crossover event highlighting the majority of the chaotic clashes between the races, can Prometheus: Fire and Stone #3 get a piece of the action… and is it good?

Prometheus: Fire and Stone #3 (Dark Horse Comics)


This third issue is the final set up piece before Prometheus’ finale so I came into it with high expectations. My problem with the series thus far (not including the fact the title is too similar to Fire and Ice so I always read it in the “Trojan Man” voice) is that its intensity isn’t that… well …intense.

It’s a fine story line and people die and you’re like, “Oh no”, a few times, but nothing has happened thus far that really knocks your socks off. So what did last issue set us up with? Well Francis pulled the classic “Let me betray my friend because I’m a human and he’s just AI” and injected Elden with the accelerant. Meanwhile, the majority of the team is going full Disney-jungle-cruise en route to Francis’ location while the Helios is being swarmed by Xenomorphs. Now that we’re up to speed, where does this issue take us?

Well not that much happens to be honest. We don’t get the action we’ve been waiting for and for a series that depends on the plot it doesn’t really do much. Francis runs into the squad and is charged for some violation for pulling a dick-move. Upon realizing the Helios is being smothered by Aliens like a chicken wing on an ant hill, the team splits up, the other half headed by Galgo to get the Perses and provide weapon support. Unfortunately, more dick-moves are enacted, one by Elden who decides to open Helios doors and provide a free buffet to the Xenomorphs, and the other by Galgo’s crew who abandon Captain Foster and others while they leave the Moon entirely on the Perses. All of this is connected by a measly attempt at a love story, some unnatural immaturity from crew members, and an overall lack of action.

It’s like that awkward moment where you run into the obsessive high school ex.

Here are just some of the things I’m not understanding:

Why haven’t we seen Galgo use the cool Alien gun. Now that he’s not even on the Moon, does that mean we’re not going to even see what it does? And speaking of Galgo, him getting attacked by the alien monkey was pretty unnecessary and I see it as just filler. Did he really need the menacing scar to symbolize his character development?

Hey! Shout out to Galgo’s buddies. Are you really cracking middle school jokes when a good portion of your crew has been brutally murdered by anatomically superior creatures?

This next one is directed at you random crew member with Capt. Foster. Francis already explained that he injected Elden with the accelerant and your captain made a huge deal out of it, why are you questioning what happened to him when you see him walk out of the jungle?

Probably the most important question: WHY DOESN’T THE HELIOS JUST TAKE OFF? If the crew on the ground had the Perses for means of transportation, why didn’t they all fly away and just let the aliens peel off the windshield.


The issue is redeeming in its art that has been on point this entire series. Ferreyra is so good when it comes to details, especially when it comes to the characters and their expressions. He’s able to articulate emotion so well because he details the faces with wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and furrowed brows, going beyond the simple raised eyebrow. Elden’s transformation is especially aesthetically entertaining and I wish there was more of it.

Is It Good?

The mediocre storyline plummets and there’s no action or death to support the issue. It sets up the fourth and final Prometheus: Fire and Stone issue for a potentially intriguing finale, but the series needed a strong showing this month and in my opinion it didn’t get ‘er done. It still showcases some great art and I’ll be picking up the next one, but this issue is a little lackluster.

Is It Good? Prometheus: Fire and Stone #3 Review
Ferreyra still rocking the art
Still a lack of action for this branch of the eventStoryline has developed a few problems
6.5Overall Score
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