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Is It Good? Wytches #2 Review

Myself and the rest of the AiPT gang really enjoyed the first issue of Wytches quite a bit. The premiere issue of Wytches was well-written and drawn in wonderfully, very creepy manner.

Can the second issue impress as much as the first? Is it good?

Wytches #2 (Image Comics)


After a mysterious attack during the middle of the night, Sailor ends up with a big nasty wound and bulge on her neck. She claims she was attacked and bitten by Annie, the vicious bully that got taken away a while back by an unseen force and was brought back by some rather mysterious creatures. Because of this, everyone’s a bit on edge and worried. And honestly… they should be.

Also sir, you may want to wrap a towel around her neck to prevent her from bleeding out.

I’m of two minds when it comes to this issue. On the one hand, this is still a fantastic and really engaging comic. Wytches #2 busts out some incredible and creepy moments as well as some interesting surprises. On the other hand, I think Snyder is going a bit too quick and showing too much this early in. It’s not something that ruins the comic by any means (the quality is still very high), but it is a bit disappointing to some degree.

Overall, the story is a solid follow-up to the first issue. Wytches #2 fills out a bit more backstory for the rest of the family, continues developing Sailor and her father, progresses some of the plot points that were introduced last time, and also introduces some rather interesting surprises and twists. There are also answers to a few minor questions that were brought up last time, though many more are raised in the process. Of course, that’s the strongest point of the story besides the character drama — Snyder knows how to keep you interested and keep you coming back.


Now back to the statement about the book’s narrative unfolding too quickly. I’m not referring to the pacing of the comic, which is perfectly fine and really helps build the mood and suspense — I’m referring to the story itself: the comic feels like it’s showing and revealing a bit too much at this point, especially with the wytches themselves. For a five issue opening arc, it feels like we are already halfway through with all of the developments going on and with us seeing the title creatures so soon. A little more build-up for the titular antagonists would have been a nice touch (horror sometimes works better when you build up the creature or monster). This doesn’t necessarily hurt the comic all that much, it just seems like the grand reveal would have been that much better with a slower burn.

The characterization for Charlie and Sailor are still very good and the time spent this issue developing the mom, Lucy, and the uncle, Reggie, was much appreciated and needed. The pacing, like said before, was solid, the dialogue was genuinely well done and felt human, with no over the top bits like the last issue. The story flow and transitions between scenes were good, with no odd cut or weird jump. The ending also better this time around, in still of an abrupt cut at the end like last time (though I’m slightly confused about what exactly happened at the time). As for the horror, the main dish of the comic, it felt as strong as last time, invoking some rather horrific and creepy imagery that really stood out. The best example of it was definitely during the pool scene when it wasn’t so in your face about it.

Umm… I was just asking if I can borrow your Chem notes after gym but okay…

The artwork by Jock is still pretty solid looking overall. The characters look very nice and easy to tell apart, though I retain the opinion that Sailor still looks younger than her age. The layouts are striking and the angles used in the panels are excellent. The horror imagery is extremely well depicted and downright creepy at points, especially with how the wytches look and move.

Though the thing that stands out the most in the artwork is the coloring here done by Matt Hollingsworth. He does a fine job with the coloring like you would expect, but he seems to have switched up his style a bit for this particular issue. It looks like there are color splotches all over the issue and honestly, it’s a style that doesn’t feel like it’s done particularly well. It gives an unusual and otherworldly vibe to it during the creepy scenes, like reality is changing almost and it works particularly well in those instances. However, it doesn’t look so well during the scenes when nothing is really happening and looks unusual. It something that should be toned done a slight bit during the regular scenes for better effect.

Is It Good?

Wytches #2 is a solid second issue for the series, but is missing the mark just a tad compared to the first. While the story and horror elements to the comic are excellent, the series is going just a bit too quick and revealing too much for its own good this early on. It feels like it should be spreading out and building up the tension and the reveal of these elements a bit more slowly in the first arc. That being said, if you liked the first issue, you are definitely guaranteed to like the second issue.


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