Things have really changed in Miles’ life recently with the return of the original Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. However, if the cliffhanger from the last issue and this cover are any indication, things are only going to keep on changing. Will they be for the better?

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7 (Marvel Comics)


It’s the final showdown with Norman Osborn and Miles and Peter have had enough. Norman may be “immortal” and boasting that he knows secrets about Miles’ family (and other people), but the Spider-Men aren’t going to take any more. Can they finally stop the Green Goblin once and for all?

Best moment of the issue hands down: Miles saying what we’ve all been thinkin’.

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t too excited about this issue initially. The story was just sort of recapping and doing the same thing we saw in the past few issues with Miles and Peter fighting the Green Goblin and G.G. just ranting like a stock villain the whole time. It was a little tiring, even if the action was a lot of fun to read. However, things changed in the final fourth of Miles Morales #7. For spoilers’ sake, I will avoid saying anything since what goes down is pretty big. What does happen is very well-written, explores the characters quite well, explains a problem that a previous issue had (it makes sense now!), and without a doubt will guarantee any reader will want to know what happens next. It’s that damn good and even if you weren’t completely into most of the issue, you’ll turn around at the end.

Brian Michael Bendis’ writing is excellent. While the pacing is really fast during the fight scene and feels a bit artificial in terms of the fights’ forced duration (frankly, with a bit of editing, you could have cut the first arc by one issue at least), everything else works. The characterization and development here is wonderful and leads to a lot of heartwarming and amazing scenes. The dialogue is pretty solid for the most part and enjoyable to read, though Norman’s ranting can get a bit annoying.

You know… Miles seemed to have recovered rather quickly for a guy that got shot in the leg by a rifle.

The artwork by David Marquez remains an excellent treat. The characters look great, there’s plenty of visual candy during the action sequences and throughout, and the layouts are easy to follow. The action especially looks and feels every bit as epic and intense as it should. The coloring is also fantastic, really helping to make everything jump.

Is It Good?

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7 brings the first arc to a close while setting up some intriguing future plotlines as well. While it could have cut down on some of the stuff we’ve seen too much of in previous issues, the writing and story we get here is just amazing and will have you yearning for more. Here’s hoping the next arc is just as good or even better.

Is It Good? Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7 Review
The final fourth of the book was shocking and great.Strong writing.Fantastic artwork from Marquez.
The whole fight with Osborn was tiring and went on too long.
8.5Overall Score
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