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Is It Good? All-New Captain America #1 Review

Sam Wilson, AKA The Falcon, has taken over the role of Captain America from Steve Rogers. There’s naturally a lot of discussion about this change and divided opinions aplenty.

Personally, I don’t really care — all that matters is if Sam does a good job in the role (considering most of his initial outing has been in Axis, I would say he’s been having a rough time) and if his new book is any good.

All-New Captain America #1 (Marvel Comics)


Sam Wilson’s first mission as Captain America? Break into a Hydra base and stop whatever shady plans they have. He may not have as much experience as Steve did, but he has his own particular set of skills that’ll give him the edge he needs. Well… hopefully at least.

I don’t think this is the time to start spacing out.

While technically the direct continuation of Rick Remender’s previous Captain America run, All-New Captain America is still very reader friendly and easy to dive into from the get go. The premiere issue does a solid job of introducing Sam’s personality and how green he is with the prestigious role he has taken on. The story is mostly just action, with Sam infiltrating a Hydra base and trying to rescue someone, but it’s all very fun and exciting to read. Plus, it helps showcase how great and capable our new Captain America is in a fight.

Remender’s writing is solid. The characterization is very strong and helps paint a vivid picture of what our supporting cast and villain are like. The dialogue and narration are good overall with some memorable lines throughout — there might be a bit too much narration in the beginning for some, but it’s not too bad. That being said, the pacing on the book is very fast-paced, which made it a quick read. The comic is primarily action based like stated, but one fight scene went on a bit too long and ended up leading to a weird and poor jump cut between scenes. Despite that stumble, the ending for the book was stellar and leaves on a great hook for next time. Impressive writing overall.


The artwork by Stuart Immonen looks absolutely stellar and really makes the book shine. The characters are drawn very well, the layouts are smooth and the action is impressive and energetic — you can feel the impact and force in each blow and hit the characters take is nearly tangible. Tying it all together is the wonderful coloring by Marte Gracia and Eduardo Navarro, who really make the visuals and imagery pop so well. The highlight of that can be seen with the big opening fight scene in the air.

Is It Good?

All-New Captain America #1 is a solid start to a brand new series. While mostly just action, the first issue does a solid job of introducing our hero and showing why he is worthy of the Captain America role. With solid writing and great looking artwork, this appears to be start of an impressive new series.


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