Not only did we get new Captain America and Avengers books this week, we also got a new Iron Man book as well! Can writer Tom Taylor (Earth 2) and artist Yildiray Cinar (drew some Supergirl issues) truly bring us a superior Iron Man experience? Is it good?

Superior Iron Man #1 (Marvel Comics)


Taking place after Axis (so you know, spoilers dead ahead readers), Tony Stark still remains inverted and a bit of a dick. His Extremis 3.0 app that was introduced during Axis is still going on and we finally see what it does: making people more beautiful or the best they can be. Things seem to be going well and Tony is living it up — but something doesn’t feel right…

This book also guest stars She-Hulk for a few pages. I wonder what she’s doing in San Francisco.

Ignoring the fact that the comic just completely spoiled the entire ending of Axis (seriously couldn’t push this book back a few weeks could ya Marvel?), it’s not a bad start to this new series. Superior Iron Man #1 does a decent job of introducing Tony Stark, who he is and what he’s like now that he’s still inverted, while also getting some interesting storylines and subplots going with the book. Plus, there are couple of good twists and surprises as well that are really well done and definitely do get you interested in wanting to see more. Probably the best one was the Extremis app and makes me curious to see how this storyline will play out. There are some people that’ll probably be annoyed and frustrated with the fact that Tony Stark is going to be a bigger dick than usual in his new ongoing, but the first issue does show a lot of promise.

Tom Taylor’s writing on the book is genuinely well done. His characterization is solid and fits everyone very well, especially with the inverted Tony and Pepper. (There are some good lines of dialogue to be found.) The pacing and storytelling are solid, however the opening scene with She-Hulk doesn’t really amount to much but padding. Other than that, not much else to say about the writing this early on except that I’m liking what I see.


The artwork by Yildiray Cinar is perfectly fine… just your standard superhero fare. The characters look alright, the layouts are average, the action is pretty good and the coloring works just fine. Not a book that you’ll buy for the art alone, but nothing detrimental either.

Is It Good?

Superior Iron Man #1 is decent start for this brand new series, offering an interesting new direction for the character and his world. The stories it introduces and the writing on the book really show a lot of potential, though I wish the artwork could be a little more exciting. If you are a fan of Iron Man and looking for a book with a different direction for the character than usual, this could be worth a look.

Is It Good? Superior Iron Man #1 Review
Solid beginning to a new series.Good writing.Artwork is fine...
... though the art could be more exciting.Spoils the ending of Axis and its fallout.
7.5Overall Score
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