The final issue of Ash getting hitched is here and there hasn’t even been a single moment of choosing the right food for the wedding, seating arrangements or even what cummerbund color the men will be wearing!

Herumph…is it good?

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #4 (Dynamite Entertainment)

A couple of issues ago a giant, muscled monster man was introduced who killed an entire army barehanded. Issue #3 ended with said muscled man finally getting his wish to fight Ash one on one. Considering how bumbling Ash is — how could he even survive such a battle? Well, for starters yes, because the first 12 pages are scant on dialogue and focused on showing Ash get his ass kicked. We see him try everything, from a blade to a chainsaw, and while it’s entertaining to look at the art, not much is on the page to root for beyond that.

This battle loses its purpose mostly because the villain wasn’t set up very well. Sure we see how impossible he is to beat when he took out an army, but beyond that it doesn’t seem very personal. Ash is fighting for his life just because, which doesn’t help the readers’ interest any. The conflict his fiancee and the wizard were facing gets wrapped up much too easily and then the rest of the issue is focused on the wedding.

Writer Steve Niles spends most of his time in this issue resolving the conflicts and setting up the next adventure. I can’t say I blame him (the first two issues were stellar) but it’s a bit of a let down considering how great those previous two issues were. If anyone was pissed there was no wedding business you are in luck as it all goes down in this issue. I can say with certainty the joke that sets up the next issue deserves a chuckle, but for the most part this issue serves more as a transitional issue than anything else.

How do you fight this?

The art by Nacho Tenorio is once again quite good and it’s his ability to draw gore and block the opening action sequence that makes this book worth picking up. He’s not one to draw a detailed background and in truth most are black to make the characters pop, but considering its the characters that he’s best at that makes sense.


Is It Good?

The story is concluded but the laughs stop and the clever plot twists end along the way; for what it’s worth it’s a nice ending, but I was left hoping for a bit more.

Is It Good? Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #4 Review
Action sequence looks greatAsh gets hitched!Funny last line
Mostly action for actions sakevery few funny moments
7.5Overall Score
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