Time to get this new arc under way. The last issue was just laying down the groundwork and setting a few things up for what we’ll be seeing; this one should plunge us straight into the action and chaos of the Amazo Virus, which I’m curious to see how it plays out. Also, now we’ve got Jason Fabok drawing! Let’s see the results. Is it good?

Justice League #36 (DC Comics)

24 hours after the last issue, Metropolis is in a state of emergency. The Amazo Virus has rapidly spread over the city and over 500 people have been infected by it, causing them to display superhuman abilities and eventually crash and burn badly. Superman and Batman are doing their best looking for people still stuck in the city, while Lex works on figuring out a cure. However, they may be in over their heads.

Now this was a solid way to really kick of this first arc. It’s primarily setup like the previous issue—even more so. It’s about establishing the current status quo, the situation and story for the arc, what the characters are up to and where they are currently at, and getting a couple of storylines going. It’s definitely far more interesting and exciting than the previous issue, so that should excite some people if they didn’t like the comic being uneventful. The only downside with the story I have is that most of the Justice League has apparently been shelved. That’s rather disappointing, especially since I assume a lot of people wanted to see Jessica Cruz working side by side with the League or see a bit more with Shazam. Hopefully they aren’t completely out and will be getting a chance to shine in the coming issues.

The rest of the book was still fairly good and well-written. The whole scope of the situation the virus is causing and the danger it holds is really depicted quite well. You really buy into how threatening it is and it makes you curious about how it’ll be resolved or what the last consequences could be. The writing mechanics and the story telling are all solid, presenting an engaging tale without any structural issues to it. The dialogue and narration are good as well, helping establish the scale of the situation quite well without it feeling like a boring exposition drop and it leads to some good character moments. Speaking of which, the characterization we do get here is excellent and really fits everyone. I also especially like how Wonder Woman is coming across, making me believe that Geoff Johns has finally gotten the character down. It’s a good outing for the writing here.

Moving onto the artwork, my god is it beautiful and stunning! Jason Fabok does an absolutely wonderful job depicting the superheroes and all of the action here. It’s eye-catching, exciting, and makes you want to look over every little detail of it. The layouts are look great and flow well, the double page spreads look great, the mood and tone are conveyed well, and the coloring is really nice. I’m really excited to see what the next issues are like.

Is It Good?

Justice League #36 is a very enjoyable issue, really kicking off this new arc the right way. The story here is good so far, the writing is well done from beginning to end, and the artwork from the new artist is fantastic looking and really brings out the best in this comic. I’m more excited than ever to see where this arc takes us and I’m hoping the quality doesn’t dip from here on out.

Is It Good? Justice League #36 Review
Solid beginning to this new arc.Writing is very well done overall.The artwork is some of the best this series has had.
Primarily just setup.One plot point was rather disappointing.
9Overall Score
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