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Is it Good? Colder: The Bad Seed #2 Review

Issue 2 of Colder: The Bad Seed is here, kiddies. And it couldn’t come fast enough for yours truly. Let’s see what the ol’ girl has to offer, ay? And by that, I mean what the issue of this comic book which has no gender is like.

Colder: The Bad Seed #2 (Dark Horse Comics)


We follow our new baddie, Swivel, who looks vaguely like Freddy Krueger with a plethora of fingers for teeth. Swivel visits Reece in the mental hospital she works in; you see, Ol’ Swivel has a secret to tell about Declan Thomas. Swivel ends up dragging Reece back into The Hungry World! And believe you me, it’s just as gloriously creepy as before. The pacing in this issue is good, though it’s decidedly sparse with its use of Declan, our main character.

Ferreyra’s characters do the same irksome and unnerving things as before. There’s a wonderful splash page of our reintroduction to The Hungry World. A few other gross out bits here and there, and a really strange “paper” airplane. Oh, and fingers. Lots and lots of fingers.

Is it Good?

It’s not bad, but I hope next issue we get to see more Declan. I’d like to finally get some back story on Declan, too. And, so hoping, let’s again hope said back story doesn’t take all that is compelling away from the character.

A lot of this issue seems like a rehash, to reacquaint us with the world we were introduced in the first arc. Necessary, but tedious, in other words. Worth a read, but save for the splash pages and the occasional panel, not worth much rereadery.


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