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Is It Good? Red Sonja: The Black Tower #3 Review

Being purely a fantasy series, one wouldn’t expect science fiction themes and characters in Red Sonja, but of course those who assume tend to be wrong a lot. Now that we’re a month away from the big reveal let’s spoil the fun…the bad guys are robots with lightsabers! Whaaaaaaaat the fuuuuuckkkkk? Is it good?

Red Sonja: The Black Tower #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The first issue of this series was fantastic because it had a great fight sequence and an interesting bad guy who wanted revenge on Red Sonja for taking his balls. Then the series went bonkers and decided to reveal the mystical black tower everyone was talking about was filled with robots who wield lightsabers. Now you have to keep reading, right?


Writer Frank Tieri must be a really crazy dude. The kind of guy who I would pay money to hang out with and drink beers. Why do I say this? Well for starters, Red Sonja flies on a freaking dragon whilst attacking spaceships that are shooting lasers! Surely this man has taken LSD. Okay, back the comic, I’d say this is a well written little yarn, albeit a very fast read due to it being mostly action. But really, what is there to say when you’ve got such a mashup of themes running around? The new story element added in this issue is Thraxis; he’s the god the robot men look up to and force all humans to obey. The first six pages set up the robot reign of terror and explain how they’ve taken over. The remaining pages are devoted to Red Sonja and the army she’s created to take on these science fiction villains.

Oh damn that’s no fun.

The action is taut to say the least. It’s fun, filled with surprises and a feast for the eyes. The only thing wrong with it is it comes out of nowhere. What started this series as another Red Sonja story with some interesting mystical element has turned into some kind of full blown action set piece. And with all action set pieces done well it reads rather quickly.

Thankfully artist Cezar Razek is pretty damn good and he does a stand up job drawing the details into the army, an impressive dragon and plenty of lightsaber fun. With a comic so heavy on action and light on exposition & dialogue a great talent like Razek is important. His Thraxis is also interesting as he’s simple yet built. He’s sort of like a Transformer in that he’s solid yet has a domineering look.

She just loves being a prostitute!

Is It Good?

An action packed issue with dragons, spaceships and tons of action. I call that a win—even if it’s a quick read.


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