Time for another round of Batman Eternal. Is this the end of Wayne Enterprises as we know it?

Batman Eternal #34: is it good?

Spoilers Below!

Batman Eternal #34 (DC Comics)


Lead Writer: Kyle Higgins
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley
Artist: Alvaro Martinez


Hush has shot Julia Pennyworth and left her for dead, just as he blows up the Bat-Cache. Batman rushes to the scene, but luckily Julia is still alive. With this recent explosion, Mayor Hady and Jason Bard put more pressure on Lucius Fox to do something. The explosions are tied to Wayne Enterprises after all and if Fox doesn’t do something, they’ll do something.

Spoiler Corner:

With Julia recovering in the Bat Cave and Alfred tending to her, Batman keeps searching for Hush. He finds out one of the caches’s sensors have went off somewhere and knows it must be Hush. Why? Because the cache is located underneath Martha Wayne Foundation Hospital.

Batman rushes to the location underneath Martha Wayne Foundation Hospital and confronts Hush, who has armored up with one of Batman’s suits. The two fight for a bit, Hush taunting him about how weak he is and that he is still just a little boy underneath all his fancy gadgets and allies. However, Batman beats him down hard and reverses that mind game on him, showing Hush how pathetic he truly is and how he could never hope to be like Batman.

The issue ends with Lucius Fox making a public announcement. The U.S. government has taken over all the chief operating functions and holdings (both foreign and domestic), essentially crippling and dismantling Wayne Enterprises. Meanwhile, Batman finds a note in Hush’s jacket. It’s the same note that Falcone got, implying that Hush is not behind all of this and is simply just another player. Who is pulling all of the strings then?


The unfortunate fact surrounding Batman Eternal #34 is that we all knew how this was going to end for Batman since we all have seen Arkham Manor.

We knew the end was coming and how it was going to go down, so it’s not particularly exciting or shocking like it could have been (could have just released Arkham Manor this week for the first time honestly). Heck, the second twist may have not been all that surprising, since we could reasonably suspect that there was something up with Hush and all the clues lying around. Still, the writing was decent like usual and I did like the new artist for this issue, Alvaro Martinez; he’s got a style that’s sort of a mix between Ivan Reis and Patrick Gleason with the way he draws people and action, which is striking and I hope he continues to draw at least a few more issues of this weekly in the future.

Best Moment:

Only Batman decided to beat this guy using only headbutts to make things fair.

Is It Good? Batman Eternal #34 Review
Solid writing.Very nice artwork.
Ending spoiled earlier in a different comic.
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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