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Is It Good? Earth 2: World’s End #8 Review

Another week, another new issue of Earth 2: World’s End. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the book!

Spoilers below!

Earth 2: World’s End #8 (DC Comics)

Writers: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, and Mike Johnson
Artists: Eddy Barows, Tyler Kirkham, Stephen Segovia, and Jorge Jimenez


Last time we left our book, Apokolips had basically teleported near us and has collided with the Moon, smashing it to pieces. Alan Scott is forced to defend the Earth in space by destroying as much of the moon rocks coming at the planet as he can. Back on Earth, Jimmy Olsen is struggling to deal with the combined power of Helm of Fate and a Motherbox within him as the Famine curse lifts in Amazonia. Of course, the World Army is in even bigger trouble as the destruction of the Moon as caused tons of meteor storms and gigantic floods to take place all over the planet.

Spoiler Corner

The story zooms through several different areas of the Earth at once to show what is happening with the arrival of Apokolips. The surviving Furies are destroying Shanghai, the civilians in Chicago are fighting off the undead (Barbara Gordon disappears during the midst of a meteor strike), John Constantine recruits a couple of psychic/magic folks from the World Army prison base in Gotham for his own use, and the Flash and Hawkgirl are recovering from their curse in London. The Flash rushes off to see if his mom is okay, while Hawkgirl is stuck dealing with an uncontrollable mob of people gone mad.

Grundy and Sam are attacked by the Furies (they certainly get around don’t they?) as they search for the Avatars of the Red and Blue. Unfortunately, they are in a no win scenario…

The World Army team manages to land safely on Apokolips, each of them taking a nuclear detonator so they can destroy the place.

Back in the twisted science labs; Superman, Power Girl, Red Tornado, and Batman are still searching through the place in search of Helena. The tracking device that was placed on Helena suddenly flatlines and it is assumed that she is dead. Batman and Power Girl declare vengeance on Desaad when they find him.

Flash eventually finds his mom in one of the refugee camps in New York, still alive and safe. Surprise surprise though, just as he has some bit of good news, he finds that Hawkgirl has followed him there and is all in super crazy rage mode like the rest of the citizens.


Like with most issues, this was just alright. Not bad, but just alright. The story remains fairly interesting, more twists and turns keep on appearing, the characterization is decent, and all of that. However, at this point, the story does feel a bit tiring to a certain degree. It’s tiring in the sense that the heroes never catch a single break and bad s--t keeps on happening relentlessly. There’s never any victory, no sense of payoff, nor any moment to breathe. The book just constantly keeps piling on the amount of bad crap that can happen to the characters and any form of victory they may achieve is instantly taken away from them. It’s frustrating and makes you want to see some upbeat or positive happen for once.

Most Memorable Moment


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