This is the second Spider Verse tie-in to come out this week (check out the other one), and it focuses in the year 2099 as three Spider-Men are being chased by an Inheritor. You see, they stole his body after he was cloned and brought back from death. No fair! It’s also the first issue with Will Sliney back on art since we interviewed him a few weeks ago. But is it good?

Spider-Man 2099 #6 (Marvel Comics)

Aside from Spider-Man 2099 from Earth 928 we have Lady Spider from Earth 803 and the six armed Spider-Man from 91200. The issue opens with Spider-Man 2099’s arch nemesis Mr. Stone gloating over how Spider-Man 2099 is trapped in the year 2014. It has been only two days and who pops up but his worst enemy. From there, things go downhill fast.


This issue moves a lot more briskly and progresses far further than the Scarlet Spiders #1 issue did. Hell, there’s even a spider death! Peter David once again nails the character moments in this issue as he gives Gabe and Lady Spider a romantic twist, six-armed Spidey has a funny joke (who wouldn’t with those arms!) and Miguel actually makes an interesting deal with Stone that should pay dividends in the character department later.

On top of all this there’s a great action sequence with Daemos and the spiders, and a very gut punching death too. The action sequence is incredible, mostly because Will Sliney is so damn good at drawing the muscles and poses only a spider can contort into. Sliney gives the death a lot of heart in how he composes the panels. The first is a medium shot that’s a bit far away. It’s as if we’re witnessing the death from afar rather than seeing it up close. Then the next panel shows Daemos chucking the body like it’s nothing, which further strengthens the loss.

It is a little sad however, to see how the characters react to the spider character (not named to not spoil it) being eaten by Daemos. Not seconds prior to his death they were all having a fun moment, but then he dies and they move on to taking out Daemos. There’s even a moment where Gabe and Lady Spider kiss. Dude, your friend just died and that could have been you! Very odd.

Cute and funny.

Is It Good?

This is a great tie-in that should not be missed due to the impeccable art and resounding influence it has on the entire event.

Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #6 Review
Top notch art. Best Spider-Man art on the stands this week.Funny character momentsInteresting Stone/Miguel relationship thing going on
A little shocked how the characters didn't seem to care about the spider character dying
9Overall Score
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