Ash of the famous Evil Dead franchise was last seen in Ash Gets Hitched. That series was fun and ended with a “to be continued” but for you Ash fanatics this series is not where that story left off. But really, do we need continuity when he’s going to space? And more importantly, is it good?

Army of Darkness Vol. 4 #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

One of the hottest writers right now wrote this puppy and he calls himself Cullen Bunn. The story opens with Ash already in space on a US space shuttle but quickly recaps who he is and how he got there for any new readers. Considering I wasn’t aware where this story picked up, that was helpful. He’s chasing a Deadite-Worshiper who has the Necronomicon and got himself on the shuttle. Of course Ash must stop him since that’s what he’s good at. Bunn delivers a whopping four pages of backstory to set up this book which makes one wonder why not just start with that, but you gotta have an epic shot of Ash in a spacesuit killing zombies be your first page right? I mean how else?

You don’t see that every day.

This is very much an action-packed affair with not much in the way of story or plot. Besides the backstory pages this is all Ash fighting Deadites in space. Considering the cover is screaming at you how crazy weird this is, it makes sense. What else would we want really? There’s some hope for a story by issue’s end, but the story devolves a bit and gets hung up on his mechanical arm. Having said all that the action is fantastic and fun and is everything you’d want in a kooky story like this.

And without the trusty pen of Larry Watts this book would fall flat on its face because of that. Like most comics with mostly action the art is what drives things forward. Without a sharp look, clever layouts and a nice ounce of flair the book would be flat and boring. Not so here, as Watts kills it on the art. His style has definitely evolved since I last read his work, with a flair that reminds me of Ryan Ottley’s stuff on Invincible, and it’s very clean and pleasant on the eyes.

Lots of backstory.

Is It Good?

If you’re looking for all out action with a silly yet insane premise give this a look!

Is It Good? Army of Darkness Vol. 4 #1 Review
Art is fabulous and drives this storyWhat a bonkers idea!
A ton of backstoryNot much in the way of plot
8Overall Score
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