These past two issues have brought some big resolutions to some of the storylines in Futures End to varying degrees. Can this next issue bring some big surprises and twists to it as well? Let’s find out!

Spoilers below!

Futures End #31 (DC Comics)

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Jesus Merino


It’s the aftermath of the destruction of Camdus Island and Lois Lane is holding a press conference with the Earth 2 superheroes & the Outsiders. She has revealed to the world what Cadmus has been doing and exposed their entire operation, but promises not to rest until the organization is completely dead and buried. Meanwhile, Green Arrow is relaxing on his private island with Animal Man, finally deciding to retire and enjoy his life in peace for once.

Spoiler Corner

Somewhere in Siberia, John Constantine & Superman are searching the area where the meteor struck back in 1908. That meteor happened to be another Brianiac drone and it has now awoken, with Superman planning on taking it down. Of course, that won’t be an easy task.

On the remains of Cadmus Island, Mr. Faraday has returned in search of the private DNA Lab, hoping that some of the group’s work still remains. Unfortunately for him, the entire lab has completely collapsed into the sea.

In Pittsburgh, Madison & Jason are still getting used to being the new Firestorm and still haven’t been able to separate from each other since the lab blew up. The two of them attend Ronnie’s funeral and watch from a distance. Jason sees Cal/Tim in the crowd and tells her that she should let him know that she is still alive. However, she doesn’t want to considering the circumstances and the fact that she is still on the outs with him.


This particular issue is sort of an epilogue to the past two issues, seeing the aftermath of both and where the main characters that were involved in the events are now. It’s a pretty good issue on that account, having a lot of good character moments and good bits of drama throughout. It doesn’t necessarily make for the most exciting issue, but the writing is solid. I wasn’t too fond of one character acting like a jerk in the end and I was confused by the behavior of another, but that’s all I have as far as complaints go. The artwork was pretty much fine as well, looking not too bad overall (certainly better than last issue). Again, there was only one real problem that stood out with it and that was the face that Maxine had in one panel. It was downright horrifying!

Most Memorable Moment

Finally someone in the DC universe gets a happy ending.

Is It Good? Futures End #31 Review
Good wrap-up and epilogue to the past two issues.The writing and artwork were solid overall.
Some minor complaints here and there.
8.5Overall Score
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