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Is It Good? Wolf Moon #1 Review

We’ve got another new Vertigo series on our hands! This time it’s Wolf Moon, written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Jeremy Haun. I’m all for another cool mini-series from Vertigo, especially after how good The Kitchen was, so let’s check it out and see what we got. Is it good?

Wolf Moon #1 (Vertigo Comics)

Somewhere in America, a dangerous predator is hunting and slaughtering people viciously. It’s a werewolf and it leaves a large trail of bodies where it is, shattering the lives of many. A man named Dillon is on the hunt for it after the beast had destroyed his own life in the past. Can he catch it before it’s too late?

Oh man, this was a hell out of way to start a mini-series. The issue mostly does a lot of setup—introducing the premise, the main character, the big bad wolf, and some interesting lore and backstory to go with it all. We learn a lot of things in this comic and most of it is very intriguing and eventful. There’s never a lull in the story once, always keeping things going and throwing in some good twists and surprises. Plus, it does have a solid hook to it and an interesting twist on werewolves that really makes you curious to want to stick around with the book for a bit. Overall, the story is off to a good start.

Character-wise, there isn’t much to say this early on. Dillon is a decent protagonist so far, with good motivation and drama. He’s very sympathetic and you can understand why does what he does in the comic, even when he freezes on killing the wolf, due to how we’ve seen how things have affected him. However, we could use a bit more backstory and character work for him, since the majority of the issue he sort of served as the exposition provider for the audience. There are no other side characters in the book besides Cayce, but she’s only in one scene and really has no presence so far. As for the werewolf, there are a lot of interesting mysteries around the creature and it makes one hell of an impression throughout the issue.

The writing on the book is pretty good as well. The pacing is solid, along with the story structure. It does a good job at balancing a lot of exposition, setup, and scenes of werewolf carnage throughout the comic. Neither side ever seems to overwhelm or be more abundant than the other, allowing for a very eventful first issue. The dialogue and narration are good, with plenty of character and humanity. Horror-wise, this a more splatter-rific type of comic. It features plenty of gore and it does help build of a great chaotic and tense tone throughout the story. The ending is rather intriguing as well. Hopefully, the next issue continues to build off this very solid foundation.

The artwork by Jeremy Haun is very nice, I got to say. He really draws carnage and gore quite well, really making each impact and scene shocking and memorable. He draws a good werewolf as well, especially with the transformation scene and how creepy it looks. The rest of his work holds up, with decent characters and some good but forgettable layouts to it. The colorist, Lee Loughridge (whose name was surprisingly spelled incorrectly in the credits), does a solid job as well with building good mood and tone throughout the book.

Uhh…Guy in the hat? Any reaction at all to what you just saw?

Is It Good?

Wolf Moon #1 gets this mini-series off on the right foot (or paw! rimshot). It presents a solid start with an intriguing story and mystery, while also providing some appealing writing and artwork. I’m liking what I’m seeing here and I’m hoping we’ll see more cool things from this in the future. If you are looking for a werewolf story, this may be just up your alley.


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