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Is It Good? Sonic Boom #2 Review

As of the release of this issue, the Sonic Boom video games and TV show are now both out and have been seen by the viewing public. The reaction has been… mixed to say the least. The TV show seems to be doing alright, but the video games leave a lot to be desired. In the end, at least there is the comic. Is it good?

Sonic Boom #2 (Archie Comics)

Sonic and pals are in another showdown with Dr. Eggman, who is strangely reusing his wrecked robot from the last issue. However, just as the heroes have the upper hand yet again, Knuckles shows up and he shockingly betrays them all! What could this be all about?!

Truly, Knuckles is a master of witty one liners and taunts.

To put it simply, did you like the last issue? If so, then you’ll like this one, as we’ve got basically the same thing here in terms of quality. This issue wraps up the opening two parter and it does so quite well, delivering on a rather fun and enjoyable conclusion. Sure, it’s a bit predictable in how it wraps up, but the writing and humor helped it a lot. I’m not sure how this issue would compare to the quality of the show or its humor now that it’s out, but as its own thing it does just fine. If you were enjoying the show, I could see this being a nice piece of complementary material to it. However, if you are not fan of the franchise or you have been put off by the recent games, this comic will probably not change your mind.

The writing overall is pretty much the same as in the previous issue. All of the writing mechanics work, from the pacing to the structure. The characterization is good, with every character feeling rather fleshed and memorable. Heck, even the comedy helps to build up and characterize the characters. Speaking of which, the humor is pretty good and there’s nice diversity to it throughout the book: fourth wall breaking, background gags, slapstick, etc, so there’s never one style the comic sticks to. The dialogue is amusing and memorable as well, with plenty of good bits and jokes throughout.

The artwork is again very nice and really helps bring out the book’s personality and humor. The characters are drawn well and have a great range of emotion and personality to them with how they react and move about. The layouts are solid, easy to follow and often help with the timing of the humor. The coloring is bright and appealing, while the art does a great job depicting the more visual humor. Basically, it’s another win for the book I find.

Is It Good?

Sonic Boom #2 is another pretty solid issue of the series, easily just as good as the previous. While definitely not a comic for everyone and probably just for fans of the show and Sonic in general, there’s a lot of charm and fun to be had. It still remains a pretty good book for kids as well, so if you have kids, you may want to consider getting this for them.


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