Southern Bastards number six hits you like a sack of bricks. Admittedly, it’s very football-centric, but I still managed to enjoy it, despite having no interest in football whatsoever. Y’all wanna read what tragedy is? Is it good, Southern Bastards, issue number six.

Southern Bastards #6 (Image Comics)

We follow a young Euless Boss, as he busts his ass to make the football team. Boss is of course the resident baddie of Craw County. Yet, when he was a youngin’, he was merely poor and yearnin’ to play him some football, hoorah. And of course, since it’s Southern Bastards, we watch someone try with all their might, and then have something shitty befall ’em. It’s powerful shit, even if you don’t like football, which I really don’t. As usual, Jason Aaron keeps it bleak and brutal, and the pacing hammers you like a cranked out hooker for more crank in the parking lot of a Denny’s, and you told her to stop hitting you, but she just won’t… it hammers you like a hammer.

Jason Latour makes you feel every punch and kick to the gut, as well as all the other injuries in this ish. There are a lot of hits to the gut by the way. Things are gritty, and then they flip over to figgity-fucked the fuck up. And there’s some football.

Is It Good?

Yeah, it somehow kept my attention despite being about a sport I don’t give a shit about. It gives you a glimpse into the backstory of a complex man, a view into the head of what is presumably the villain of this drama. That said, it is mostly about football, and yes it is set in the south, but a whole issue focusing primarily on football is obviously not for everyone. As stated, it is still entertaining even if you don’t like the pigskin, and it gives us a tantalizing glimpse into a man who runs Craw County with a grid-iron fist.

Is It Good? Southern Bastards #6 Review
If you aren't into football, well, it's mostly about football.
8.5Overall Score
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