The second of a three part Spider-Man clone story is here this week and it’s clone centric, clone approved, but is it good?

Scarlet Spiders #2 (Marvel Comics)

Not a lot has happened in this series so far and it’s pretty clear the whole thing probably could have fit into two issues, but who can really complain when the Spider-Verse is so darn good? Three Spider-Man clones are in an enemy dimension. Those Spider characters are Kaine from the 616, Jessica Drew from the Ultimate universe and Ben Reilly (the Spider-Man of his own dimension) and they’re on a planet where the Inheritors make clones. Last issue our Spiders infiltrated the factory where clones are made by stealing Iron Man’s suit, but they run into a Mr. Johnny Storm who’s part of the security detail.


Writer Mike Costa gets inside Scarlet Spider’s head quite well in this issue as he delves into his lonely nature. He makes a connection between his suit’s ability to make him invisible and how he already feels invisible every day of his life. The other two spider characters don’t get much in the way of characterization as the narration stinks inside Kaine’s head.

The plot is good enough and really the story hinges on a horrific reveal that shouldn’t be too surprising considering how evil these Inheritors are. That said, the Inheritor of this dimension sits back and waits, which is typically a lazy way for heroes to reach the conflict by issue’s end. It doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the havoc they’re instilling on the factory and it sets up the reader for something everyone saw coming.

The art by Paco Diaz is good, although not quite as strong as the first issue, with plenty of great looking Spider characters hoping around. The man loves to draw his Spider-Men very skinny and spider-like, as if they’re made of rubber. It gives them an otherworldly feel that is nice, but probably not for everyone.

Stop cloning around. Get it?!

Is It Good?

Overall a good issue that is predictable, but still enjoyable.

Is It Good? Scarlet Spiders #2 Review
Spider characters are spider-likeWell paced
Predictable reveals
7.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 4 Votes

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