I’m not exactly sure why, but last month Ms. Marvel was nowhere to be found from Marvel. Honestly, its presence was definitely missed by me, since Ms. Marvel is easily Marvel’s best comic currently. It has so much heart, emotion, personality, and soul to it that not having it around was quite sad. With the newest issue finally out, we can get back to the series. Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #10 (Marvel Comics)

Kamala Khan has finally found all of the missing teenagers and kids, but it turns out that they weren’t kidnapped. No, they came and stayed with the Inventor and crazy machines of their own free will! Apparently, between what society says about them and the Inventor’s insistence, they feel they are only worth being living batteries. How is our Ms. Marvel going to fix this problem?

This is the penultimate issue for the Inventor story arc and we see things start to wrap up and move towards the final confrontation between Ms. Marvel and the evil bird. The stakes are raised a bit, we get more insight into the villain and how he was able to convince the teens to come to him, Ms. Marvel gets to step up as a hero in a different way this time around, and the issue sets up for a big climactic battle next time. The biggest thing that probably stood out is the fact that there was a moral and a bit of discussion going on in the issue about being a teenager and how the media perceives you. It’s a bit preachy admittedly, but the message is actually rather effective for its target audience and about showing them how much they are really worth.

The writing on the book remains very good and well done overall. The pacing and story flow are solid, always keeping things moving and going without any interruptions. The characterization is excellent, really establishing Kamala in different ways as a hero and showing the Inventor as really despicable kind of villain. The dialogue is solid, if a bit soapbox-y at points, but it does help with establishing how the characters feel and view themselves. Finally, I would probably say this issue wasn’t as eventful as previous ones, at least until the second half, but it was still an enjoyable read from beginning to end.

The artwork continues to be solid. All of the characters are really drawn well and easy to tell apart from one another, while displaying a great range of emotions and expressions. The layouts are pretty good overall with no problem following them, while the bits of action are nice (if a bit static in some areas). The coloring is also easy on the eyes and helps with bringing some of the scenes to life. Basically, the usual praises for Ms. Marvel‘s art extend to this issue as well.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #10 is a solid issue, building up for the big finale next time. There’s not much to say that you don’t already know: The story is good, the main character is wonderful and well-written, the writing is strong, and the artwork looks amazing. It’s just another winning issue for this series and I’m eager to see where the end takes us and beyond in 2015.

Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #10 Review
Solid writing and characterization overall.The artwork is very nice.
Slow start and a bit preachy in areas.
8.5Overall Score
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