A blackout has hit Manhattan due to monster activity. Or rather, a specific monster which is being controlled by a monster gang of sorts, who also want to watch Robyn fight her friend Red (AKA Red Riding Hood) to the death. Rut row…is it good?

Robyn Hood #5 (Zenescope Entertainment)

The last issue floored me with how it was constructed with a very nice bookend that ends up having a payoff in this issue. If you haven’t read that issue you should probably stop right now and go buy it. Don’t worry I’ll wait at the period of this sentence. Okay, back? Good, right? This issue picks up right where the last one left off, but not before we get a Street Fighter-esque simulation with the two heroes trying to stay alive.


In some ways this issue, written by Pat Shand, is relegated to your cliched superhero versus superhero because the situation demands it. One might assume the heroes fight but eventually band together because heroes can’t be killing heroes. He does something a bit more with this situation however as he gives Robyn a bit of an edge in her fighting. She enjoys hurting her friend, which adds a bit of emotional resonance to the typically bland character moments these fights bring. He explores this concept with an interesting cartoon version of the heroes as they talk about their problems. It’s a cutesy cutaway intermixed with the more realistic looking action and it helps give the issue a fresh take and compelling edge.

The art by Tony Brescini continues to remind me of Walt Simonson. It’s sketchy and detailed with a good sense of drama when needed. It’s dirty, but that suits the boxing ring bravado of the issue. I also like how Brescini plays around with layouts — the story slows down and speeds up appropriately given the story due to the choice of layouts.

The end does come a bit abruptly which is unfortunate since so much was built up so well. It also seems weird for the villain to make certain claims when not an issue ago they were screaming about the plan working perfectly. One might chalk that up to villains having too much pride or lying to themselves, but it came off as false regardless. That plot point aside the issue is fun and worth a look.

Love the gristle on that bat.

Is It Good?

Another good issue in this well written and well paced series. Crazy as it might sound there could be a Zenescope book on some people’s list of best books of the year!

Is It Good? Robyn Hood #5 Review
Nice layouts tell the story wellClever emotional moment for the protaganist
Ends too abruptlyHero vs. hero is still a bit old
9Overall Score
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