It’s been a fun ride with the Harley Quinn/Power Girl team-up — but all good things must come to an end. Do the two part terms amicably or is there a bestie spat?

Is it good?

Harley Quinn #13 (DC Comics)


Power Girl and Harley Quinn finally get into some crime fighting action, ready to take on the Clock King and Sportsmaster. However, Harley Quinn is starting to get nervous about the whole partnership; she realizes she can’t keep lying to Power Girl forever as she’s going to eventually wake up and remember who Harley is. What’s this poor clown girl supposed to do then?

Wait, he bought that nuclear weapon online? Seems like something the government should kind of being keeping an eye on.

I was rather satisfied with the outcome of this issue. I mean, judging from the cover, you would think that most of the issue would be Harley Quinn dealing with the fallout of Power Girl remembering who she was; in actuality, the issue focuses on them fighting crime, hanging out, and even Power Girl in her “secret identity” life as a sideshow strongwoman. The whole fallout is at the very end of the book instead, allowing for the whole issue to have a lot of fun focusing on the dynamic between the two. As such, since the reveal is at the end, it is a bit rushed and almost a bit unbelievable. However, it ends on a funny note at least and I do hope in the end that these two cross paths with each other again in the future.

The writing by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner was great as always and a lot of fun from start to finish. The characterization was solid, with plenty of great character interactions and moments between the entire cast (with Harley and Power Girl stealing the show yet again). The only one who is a bit off here is Power Girl regarding how she reacts to two situations in the book: One of them is a bit more easy to believe given she is still having the amnesia, the other… not as much. The pacing on the book is good, always keeping things exciting and fun to read. The dialogue is enjoyable and has a lot of personality and humor to it. Speaking of which, the humor was great as expected, with plenty of great lines, gags, and moments taking place. My favorite had to be with Power Girl regaining her memories given its context and how it happens. With issues like this, it’s no wonder in my mind why this comic is still one of DC’s best titles.


Chad Hardin takes full art duties this time around and honestly, I think he’s getting better with his characters. The thing that always really stood out about his artwork (and always felt a bit off) was how he made the characters’ cheeks so pronounced — which made the characters look a bit older than what they really were. Here, he’s toned down that emphasis a lot and I thought it was for the better. Besides that the rest of the work he did he looked stellar; the characters are nicely drawn, the action is brief but fun to look at, the layouts are decent, the comedic timing is excellent with the visual gags, and the colorist who backs him up (Alex Sinclair) does a solid job. The only off area is that a gun that is pulled in one scene changes color strangely from gray to dark black. Oops.

Is It Good?

Harley Quinn #13 was a fun and enjoyable wrap up to this Power Girl team up arc. The humor and character interactions between our leads were well-done and downright hilarious at points, backed up with some great writing and artwork.

While the ending seemed a little rushed and too convenient given the circumstances, it doesn’t detract from the experience one bit. All in all, it’s a great issue and great way for the comic to end the year.

Is It Good? Harley Quinn #13 Review
The humor and characters were really enjoyable.The writing was solid throughout.The artwork was really nice looking.
Ending seems a bit rushed.
9Overall Score
Reader Rating 4 Votes

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