After taking a break from the title for a week so I could relax a bit, I’m back with reviewing and checking out the latest issue of Futures End. Let’s see what new fun or shocking thing happens this week.

Futures End #36 (DC Comics)

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire
Artist: Scott Eaton


At the House of Mystery, Zatanna and Madame Xanadu try to heal Frankenstein of his wounds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working and he is still succumbing to his injuries and the poison from the Nth Metal in his body. In Las Vegas, Mr. Faraday and his boss are discussing the plans of finding the vault from Cadmus Island and opening it with Cash, Lana, Voodoo, and more.

Spoiler Corner

Fifty Sue appears before the group and tells them that she has found the vault. Mr. Faraday and his boss seem skeptical and in a fit of anger, she teleports the entire vault in the hotel’s pool before them.

In Smallville, John Constantine, Midge, and Superman have arrived. Constantine believes that there is something to the place that has some sort of big evil there connected to Brainiac or something else. Superman is skeptical, but follows his lead regardless.

After the brawl with the Future Batman/Joker cyborg, Batman Beyond and Plastique head for cover outside of the Wounded Duck. Given all of the crap that has happened, they need help and figure that Tim Drake could provide some. As they wait, they relax a bit and share a kiss, while secretly, Batman watches from afar.

Up on the Justice League Defense Station in Earth orbit, Firestorm arrives and seeks help for her condition from Masked Superman/Shazam and Stormguard.


This issue was surprising very slow and uneventful. Seriously, it doesn’t feel like any of the stories made any progress or had any sort of surprise to them. That really hasn’t happened in a while and honestly makes the issue feel incredibly boring. Sure, the writing and characterization isn’t bad here at all, but such a strange step back in the story progression. Perhaps it is the calm before the storm, given the setup we have seen, but maybe a bit more progression to have something happen would have been appreciated.

Most Memorable Moment

Young lady, do I need to get the bar of soap again?

Is It Good? Futures End #36 Review
The writing and artwork are solid.
Feels uneventful and slow.Not much happening in the book.
6.5Overall Score
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