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Red Sonja has probably never had as wild an adventure as this miniseries has allowed. You might cry foul, but tell me a time she’s ever ridden a dragon into battle, faced lightsaber robots and even been killed!

Well it all comes to a close this issue, so the question remains, just how much more crazy can this get and… is it good?

Red Sonja: The Black Tower #4 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The Black Tower mini series opened with, not surprisingly, a mysterious black tower seemingly made of mist. Since it arrived bad things have befallen the people that lived near it and when this issue opens they’ve pretty much been enslaved. Sonja was murdered last issue (she got her head lopped off), so this issue opens where we left with the robots making the people do whatever they wish. How, might you ask, can a comic be called Red Sonja and not contain the character? Well it does…in a fashion.

They don’t have much fun standing around do they?

Without spoiling anything, writer Frank Tieri caps off this mini in a satisfying way, although some of you might cry foul when you discover the big twist at the end. It’s one of those endings that makes you question everything that came before it, but if you’re a person who enjoys the journey over all else you should find this story gratifying. There is a red headed hero to be found in this issue, but who she is and where she’s from is left open ended. I for one liked the reveal of who and what the Black Tower ends up being, so expect an answer to the big mystery there. Does it really fit in the Red Sonja mythos though? Not really, it’s way too science fiction for a fantasy in my opinion, but heck, you can’t knock something for being so damn different within a genre.

You’d think Thraxis would take down the Sonja statue since it motivates them to oppose his rule.

The art by Cezar Razek is good, not quite as great as it was in the first issue, and he doesn’t get to display as much insane stuff as he did in issue #3. That makes the art a little less amazing and great, but you can’t knock the art for that. He still gets some action in there and the flashbacks are very effective.

For a robot overlord he sure loves the boobs.

Is It Good?

This is a satisfying conclusion to a very fun and different type of Red Sonja story. If you enjoy surprises and new ideas give this miniseries a try.

Is It Good? Red Sonja: The Black Tower #4 Review
A twist to a series that's been surprisingly insane in a good way? Giddy-up!Art is solid
The ending is a bit cheap if you consider its implications
8Overall Score
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  • Cel

    Scoring this woman-hating piece of rubbish as 8.0 just makes you look ridiculous as a reviewer. The writer took a beloved comic book character and killed in in a twisted effort of “fan service”. No one wanted to see this except sick people who read comics just for the pictures of pretty women. We’re left with a story of a man vs. a woman, where when it comes to brute force the man wins and murders his enemy gratuitously and keeps her head as a trophy; then the woman gets her revenge by (of course) seducing him into loving her then stabbing him in the back. Wow, how progressive a depiction of gender roles is that? Red Sonja’s double doesn’t even bother to go back in time early enough to save Thraxis’ parents (as a hero would), she travels back and murders his mother – who is the villain here? Sonja ends up looking a lot worse than Thraxis, and spends a full issue as a trophy to boot. It’s all just female objectification.

    • David Brooke

      I thought it was unpredictable which made it fun. I really didn’t take it so seriously that it was making a statement about female objectification, but that’s my opinion. Very interesting take thanks for chiming in.