I’m really feeling good about this mini-series from Vertigo. Each issue has been great and I always want to come back to it each month, even though we’re only two issues in. I’m hoping the level of quality can keep it up with the latest issue, #3. Is it good?

The Kitchen #3 (Vertigo Comics)

Forgoing the usual opening summary to start off, this was another solid issue of the mini-series. Story-wise, the issue still felt like it was setting things up. We were introduced to some new characters and some new plotlines started up as well. All of this was good; I’m especially curious to see what happens with Raven considering how the book ended (you gotta figure nothing good can come from it), but I kind of wish the current storylines were further developed.

For instance, the rise of the power, influence, and respect the women are getting with taking over their husbands operations. Characters assure us that they are getting more powerful, but we don’t often see that in the story. We see them solving and handling problems that come their way, but they are always done in secret and away from prying eyes most of the time. As such, it’s hard to see the influence they are making on the citizens. Now, that doesn’t really hurt the story all that much, but it’s an area that could use a bit more improvement on.

On a character level, the book felt like it took a bit of step backwards. There was really no new development or progression with any of the three main leads. Kath had a scene with her helping out an old friend, but that was really it in terms of character. I mean, we saw potential for Raven to grow or head in a new direction given the ending, but nothing really happened with her or even Angie (who had a huge moment in the last issue). The only one who had any development or look at their character was Tommy and seeing his mean and nasty side (while also hinting at the possibility of wanting to retire at some point). Kind of light on the character development stuff, which was rather disappointing.

The rest of the writing fared better though. Despite no real growth or development, the characterization was still pretty good and everyone felt like themselves here. The dialogue was still great, with plenty of great lines and moments that really added personality to the characters and setting. The pacing and story structure were fine, with no obvious problems there. The ending was alright and offers up some good potential, but it didn’t feel as shocking or intense as the previous two (that’s a nitpick though). Even if some parts of the comic weren’t as good as the previous issues, this was a still a solid issue on the writing side of things.

The artwork also looks great. The characters were still well drawn, the book really captured the look and tone of the 70’s (and even the 60’s in the opening flashback) through the hair and clothing styles, the layouts were solid, the coloring was lovely and helped with the tone, and the violence still had a lot of energy and brutality in the way it was depicted. Honestly, all of the usual praises from the past two issues can be applied to this issue as well. Just a good looking issue through and through.

Is It Good?

The Kitchen #3 is another good issue of the mini-series, though not as good as the previous ones. This felt a bit lacking in the strong character writing we got previously and the story still felt like it was setting things up. Nothing here really ruined the comic by any means though and overall, the writing and artwork were still fantastic. While a bit disappointing, the comic is still worth your time checking out and reading, especially if you have been liking everything up until now.

Is It Good? The Kitchen #3 Review
The writing and characterization are solid.Artwork is still wonderful.
The main leads needed some more development.Some minor nitpicks here and there.
8.5Overall Score
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