Burning Fields #1

Written by Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel | Art by Colin Lorimer

Dog: “That’s a good f-----g time, sweetheart. If you’re down.”

Dave: Awww, why the long face?

Jordan: Huh… that’s certainly something you don’t see everyday.

13 Coins #4

Written by Martin Brennan, Michael B. Jackson | Art by Simon Bisley

Dave: I think he hit a vein.

Dog: Happenstance Man, the world’s worst superhero, can only win when all his foes have simultaneous, explosive brain aneurysms.

Jordan: Well it looks like your angel armor makes people’s faces explode…. somehow.

Powers #1

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by Michael Avon Oeming

Dave: Now that’s a butt shot. Watch out JLo!

Jordan: Aw man! Why you have to fall and total that nice car dude?

Reyn #1


Dave: Lizard on human action is some of the slimiest porno around. You see what I did there?!

Dog: “Be as rough as you want, honey; if it breaks off, I’ll just grow a new one!”

John: Still waiting for Jabba to come out from behind that curtain!

Jordan: Drugs, naked women, and giant lizards… because why not.

Spread #5

Written by Justin Jordan | Art by Kyle Strahm

Dave: Cleaving a dude’s head is probably the least effective way of getting ahead of the line at Disneyland.

Dog: Shouldn’t have disgruntled the griddle guy at the Mongolian barbeque.

Jordan: The most important thing is that man went out with a smile on his face.

Dave: Next month see the new Avenger everyone is talking about: Baby Spittles!

Dog: Kid’s gonna be a nightmare for substitutes.

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Bestiary #6 (of 6)

Written by Christopher Sebela, Ben Meares, & Mark Miller | Art by Matt Battaglia, Peter Bergting, & Carlos Magno

Dave: He does not have eyes for hooks.

John: How far do you have to pull until the skin starts peeling away?

Dog: You’ll never know if you don’t play, John. *grins maniacally*

Jordan: Yeah doc! Out on the town with your Silent Hill abominations! The people will love that!

Goners #4

Written by Jacob Semahn | Art by Jorge Corona

Dave: Gives new meaning to the genre of tentacle porn.

John: Not sure those wings are big enough to lift that many tentacles!

Dog: Lady Cthulhu smothered Santa! The War on Christmas is real!

Jordan: Artist: Umm, do we need this many tentacles? I think the audience gets it. Writer: Damn straight we do! More tentacles! MMMMOOOORRRREEEE!!!!!