When it comes to well paced and captivating storytelling there’s nothing like Rasputin right now. Simply put, the story is compelling due to its mystery and incredible art, but how is the latest issue? Is it good?

Rasputin #4 (Image Comics)

So far this story has been sort of telling two stories; the first being the backstory of Rasputin and the first days of acquiring his healing powers and the second being the present, where Rasputin attends a dinner where he knows his friends are attempting to kill him. So far the stories haven’t intersected, but there’s some sign of convergence in this issue. This is partly due to a slower pace to the story which is thanks to allowing artist Riley Rossmo to stretch his creative juices and allow the story to take its time. This has been one of its strengths, but for all intents and purposes he goes a bit against that in this issue.

Creepy dog!

It’s starting to become apparent writer Alex Grecian has himself a rather awesome story developing and one in which will read even better collected. It’s only apparent now because the story has been a slow boil, but it’s in this issue we start to understand why Rasputin’s friends want him dead. Through some expressive facial expressions it’s becoming clear Rasputin is a very caring and considerate man, one which the royalty will most likely abuse. Even in this issue he must prove himself at the cost of hurting himself because the royalty won’t believe him. It’s touching what he does, as is his reaction to a dying boy, which goes a long way as to strengthening the character.

There’s a juxtaposition in this issue made by his helping the royalty which balances nicely with the present timeline. In the present timeline we witness Rasputin being chased with his attempted murder hanging on every panel. It hammers home his being a victim and assuredly will mean some mega revenge stuff in future issues, I’m sure.

Yeesh, poisoned then shot. Can’t catch a break.

The art by Rossmo is once again spectacular. Using some great inking to express doubt and darkness, one comes away with a better sense of who Rasputin was at an earlier time. His style creates an edge-of-your-seat sense of drama from the body language of characters down to the ever changing camera angles of its panels. Fantastic stuff.

Probably true.

Is It Good?

Considering how well choreographed the flashbacks are with the present time anyone, and I mean anyone, could pick this up and enjoy it. Those who are following along should love it even more so because things are starting to come together.

Is It Good? Rasputin #4 Review
Story is coming together nicelyArt is fantastic at telling the storyGreat character work
10Overall Score
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