A story that spins out of Axis is here this week and it involves the New Men, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s new origin, as well as the High Evolutionary. Lots of balls in the air here, which makes you wonder, is it good?

Uncanny Avengers (2015-) #1 (Marvel Comics)

The issue opens with some New Men complaining about humans from Earth, or as they like to call them, ‘Pink Sacks.’ They even call us Dumpster Babies! Anyway, Quicksilver quickly interrupts their little meeting and we’re privy to an exciting speedster vs. speedster sequence.

Look at the facial expressions. Amazing stuff.

Writer Rick Remender writes a very good introductory issue for those of you following along with these characters. He sets up the stakes, establishes the hate of the enemy and clearly defines who is where and what the direction this story is taking. By issue’s end I think most would be hard pressed not to be excited about the setup at hand. I won’t ruin it here, but he’s basically blown up the team that graces this cover and given them all mini adventures to go on.

That said, aside from the excellent opening action sequence I found this issue a bit dry and boring. The characters aren’t the easiest to enjoy, there’s a lot of talking to get a minimal plot going and there are really no interesting character dynamics at play. There’s just nothing going on between them worth noting, which makes their dialogue feel forced and only there to serve the plot.

Three very small panels but they are so very good.

The art by Daniel Acuna continues to be excellent in all its moody, detailed glory. I don’t think there’s an artist that draws backgrounds as well as Acuna. Every panel looks realistic, but also interesting, with very compelling backgrounds.

Kind of insulting they got him on a leash, no?

Is It Good?

A great issue to setup a compelling plot moving forward, but falls flat for a majority of the issue due to boring character dynamics. A fantastic opening six pages though.

Is It Good? Uncanny Avengers #1 Review
First six pages are excellentArt is solid throughoutDirection the plot goes in is great...
...but won't be enjoyed until next issueBoring character dynamics after page 6
6.5Overall Score
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