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Is It Good? Deadpool #41 Review

Deadpool’s been through a lot lately and needs to unwind. So what better way for the guy to mellow than a good ol’ mercenary mission?

Is it good?

Deadpool #41 (Marvel Comics)


Deadpool’s in a funk. Dude feels out of place in tranquil suburbia with Agent Preston and his daughter Ellie; he wonders whether his inverse self from the Axis storyline, Zenpool, was “the better guy”; he even feels out of place emboldening satanic acolytes with sultry demon wife Shiklah.

Lucky for him (and our attention spans), DP’s wifey has the solution for his mopey, existential crisis: getting his ass out of the house, reattaching his nuts and clearing his head. Or as she more tactfully puts it: “Get your head on straight. Then come back to me when your fire is reignited.”


After they get the sulking out of the way, writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn bring a certain charm to Deadpool that few can muster; even in an issue with a decidedly more somber tone, our boy Wade is always cognizant, wit-charged and chuckle-eliciting. From the approach he takes in hijacking a Best Buy knockoff truck to play video games in the trailer, his nonchalance in meeting with the Trapster, or his droll banter with Roxxon’s Kevin Nash-look alike mercenary leader, this is Deadpool done well and done right. (As you can infer from my thoughts on how Deadpool should come across in his eventual big-screen incarnation, when Deadpool acts like too much of a brain-addled moron for cheap laughs, as some writers are wont to do out of laziness — that’s that s--t I don’t like.)

Salva Espin has solidified himself as one of my favorite Deadpool artists with the quickness; his style is cartoonier than most we’ve seen helm the title but so commensurately fluid, energetic and full of emotive gestures that you can’t help but indulge. His work evokes the excellent Ed McGuinness, who you might remember from the first Deadpool ongoing, as Espin can seamlessly incorporate more detailed figures, shading and perspective to certain panels — especially evident in his crazy good Shiklah.


Is It Good?

Deadpool #41 is a solid issue overall and a promising set-up for an arc that will lead us into the title’s fast-approaching end. (The powerful enemy revealed at the end should make for some interesting shenanigans.)

It’s a shame that Posehn and Duggan’s run is coming to a close soon, but we should be thankful that they’re bringing stuff to the table overall that could rival Joe Kelly’s when all is said and done.


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